5 Fun Activities to Keep Kid’s Brains Active During The School Holidays

We are two weeks into the summer school holidays, we are having fun and enjoying relaxing. One thing I am aware of is how easy it is to spend too much time with technology. Everything should be in moderation.

It is important that they keep their little brains active.. Here are 5 fun activities which will hopefully help with summer boredom and build up their thinking skills.

1. Visit your local library
Visiting your local library with your children is a fun way to spend a morning. Not only can you take out a handful of books, your kids can too. Encourage your children to browse all the books and get them to choose a few of their favourites to take home. Reading is such an easy way to engage their brains during the holidays and if they are lost in a good book, we bet they won’t even realise they are learning! You could get them to take part in our summer reading challenge.

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2. Visit a museum
We’re sure that there is at least one museum near your home: whether it’s an art museum, history museum, zoo or aquarium. Plan a day out with the whole family and get the children to take part in the kids activities , read the displays and just generally get involved. Not only will it get their brains active but it will be educational too.

3. Cooking/Baking
What better way for your child to practice maths and science skills than by doing some cooking or baking? Not only is it an opportunity for you to spend time with the kids, but it’s also a brilliant way to get their brains active and thinking! They will be able to practice skills like weighing ingredients out, measurements, timings, shapes and different foods. It’s also really yummy- especially if your baking cookies or a cake!

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4. Keep a diary or scrapbook of their summer!
A great way to really get your kids brain’s active this summer is to encourage them to keep a journal. There are so many ways that they could do this. It’s such an easy way to get your kids imaginations flowing but also get them learning at the same time! Make sure you regularly read/look at their work and give them a little bit of positive encouragement. .

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Summer Journal Ideas

  • Writing

If your kids love writing, get them to write about each day and what they get up to. This is an excellent way to practice handwriting, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

  • Visual

If your child is more visual, then why not buy a couple of disposable cameras and get them to keep a photo journal scrapbook of their summer? A more visual approach will help your child engage in their creative side and all things artistic.

5. Explore personal interests
Finally, one of the easiest ways to get your kids excited, active and learning this summer is to help them explore their own interests through fun activities. If they enjoy music- why not see if there is a free summer concert or music workshops you could go to? If they love animals, why not spend the day at the zoo or a farm? Is your child very artistic? then there is a whole load of crafty ideas they can have fun with at home. You could even find a local art exhibition. Whatever your child’s passion, considering their interests and help them make plans so they can delve deeper into their interests.

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