A Family Games Night With Pork Farms Pork Pies

National Board Games week is running from the 19th – 25th June. Pork Farms Pork Pies sent us Trivial pursuit 2000’s to have a fun family games night. As the game is two old for our daughter we took the opportunity to have an adult only games night.

I find that is too easy for evenings to just disappear either watching television, or sat surfing the net on your mobile phone. I’m all for a bit of technology but it resorts in no real conversation or having fun together.

We have a cupboard over flowing with board games which don’t get played often enough. Playing a board game gives you the chance to chat, have fun and laugh a lot.

With wine and nibbles at the ready, it was time to try out the game – and try to win! I can be a little competitive when it comes to board games!

Board GamesTrivia pursuit 2000’s has some different twists compared to previous edition’s. It is more interactive with the other players. You can stump or challenge the other players to a question if you think that they will not know the answer. If they get the answer wrong then you will receive the wedge for that segment and move onto the home space.

Board Games

Or you can answer the question for yourself as per the traditional rules taking the wedge of that colour if you answer correctly. If you get the answer wrong you stay where you are. You can only go on to win the game once you collect all six colour wedges.

We had a lot of fun playing the board game. Unlike other editions of Trivial Pursuit I was able to answer some of the questions, despite drinking wine! It’s a great game and one that I recommend to other families.

Board Games

We will definitely be having more evenings in the future playing board games. It was a welcome change from just watching television. We sat, chatted and had fun.

You can also join in the fun by hosting your own family board games night, using which ever board game you like. If you sign up here  – Pork Farms Pork Pies Family Games Night  . Then Pork Farms Will email you across a family games pack ready for National Board Game Week. If you share photos of your families games night through social media and their website you have a chance of winning a stack of board games.


Disclosure – We were sent Trivia Pursuit 2000’s for the purpose of this post.


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