August in a Nutshell

August has been and gone and E is now back at school. I remember thinking to myself that the six weeks school holidays is such a long time. Looking back at it the time went by super quick.

We have had an interesting summer holidays, we haven’t done a lot really but as a whole we have had a nice time. This month I have however failed to take many photos.

At the start of the month we took it easy, had a lot of play days in the sunshine. Even on the cooler days we made time to head down to the beach and have some fun. E loves the hat and sunglasses that we were sent earlier in the month.

August in a nutshellWe had a couple of days out during the school holidays. The first day trip was to Dartmoor Zoo, we haven’t been there before. Its a lovely little Zoo and we all enjoyed ourselves. As frequent visitors to Paignton Zoo we wasn’t sure what to expect.

August in a nutshell

There are a lot of the big Cat’s at the zoo which E loved to see. J didn’t seem that bothered by any of it on this occasion.

August in a nutshellI am glad that I took my DSLR with me. I am trying to get back into using my camera a lot more, since the children came a long I have got into the habit of taking lots of snap style photos on my phone.

Our second day trip was to the Miniature Pony Centre. This was fantastic and E had such a great time. J enjoyed stoking some ponies and running around the soft play area.

August in a nutshell

As soon as he was confident we let him run around the paddock where there was so many beautiful pony’s.  I think the highlight of E’s day was getting to ride a pony. She has never been riding, needless to say she loved it.

August in a nutshellIt really was a great day out and one that I recommend.

In between our days out we have been playing in the garden and visiting the park. J has taken to drawing all over the garden with chalk. He absolutely loves colouring and scribbling. Our garden path was covered in chalk scribbles by the time he had finished.

August in a nutshellJ is also loving playing on the slide at the moment and he is doing really well at managing to climb to the top. He thinks its great to get up there without me noticing.

August in a nutshellBoth of the children will happily run around and play in the garden for hours at a time. M recently bought some water bombs and both of the children absolutely love them. E likes to throw them at me and M whilst J enjoys throwing them on the floor and watching them break and the water splashing everywhere.

The first few weeks flew by. When my husband had some time of work we travelled up to Derby to see all his family. I never look forward to the journey, especially with the children. J just looks out of the window and whinges occasionally. E gets a little bored after a while and wants to play games.

She loved using her pipity travel activity case. I wrote a review about it recently – Pipity Activity Set Review. It really is great and brilliant for long journeys or anytime a child gets bored.

August in a nutshellIt kept her occupied for a while and also when she was in Derby.

Our trip to Derby was only supposed to be for a couple of days. Unfortunately my poor husband got rushed into hospital whilst we were there for emergency surgery as his appendix burst. It made our trip away not so great. I was worried about him. Looking after both kids when you are away from home and don’t drive isn’t easy. To add to it J got hand foot and mouth whilst we were there. As a whole the trip was a bit of a disaster. E  however enjoyed herself ,getting to see Grandma, Grandad and her cousin but after a few more days she started to ask when we were going home.

The days were hot and sunny when we were there, fortunately my mother in law had a paddling pool. This kept the kids really happy. We also all went out for a meal on the Saturday after M got out of hospital which was lovely.

August in a nutshell

Once M was out of hospital and had relaxed for a couple of days, my mother in law drove us home in our car and then caught a train back to Derby. This was really lovely of her. We were all glad to be home, M was able to relax even more with his home comforts and both children were pleased to be around their toys, going to the park and E seeing her friends.

We started to get back to normal, trips to the library, jobs in town and me trying to entertain to the children. On one trip to the library it turned out Lego club was on – E thought this was fantastic so we stayed for a while building various things.

Ausgust in a nutshell

Despite the horrible experience for my husband and hand, foot and mouth that J caught. Our summer holidays were enjoyable and it went really quick.

So that’s our August in a nutshell!

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