Caketoppers cupcakes review

Today is one of those days when comfort food like cakes makes things better. I absolutely love a piece of cake, whether it be chocolate, fruit, carrot, sponge or fudge cake, the list really does go on.

The other day I received two very lovely personalised cupcakes from a company called Caketoppers. They are a company that specialise in cake, cupcakes and printed icing edible topper’s. The website has topper options that would suit any occasion and being able to add a personalised photo makes the cakes a little bit extra special.

I was really impressed when the cupcakes arrived as they were packaged so well, tucked away in a little box surrounded by bubble wrap.  This is great, I sometimes find it can be a bit of a worry sending edible gifts in the post as you never know if they are going to get there safely. The cakes survived getting here in one immaculate piece.

Cupcake caketoppersThey may have survived the post but I knew cake wouldn’t last long in this house with me and the kids about. I received a classic sponge with white icing and a chocolate sponge with chocolate icing both topped off with a picture. One I designed a Merry Christmas logo to put on one and the other a photo of E with Father Christmas. I am really impressed with the quality of the pictures on the cake, really clear and not at all pixelated.


Next came the hard bit, I had to eat them so that I could write a proper review, E helped taste them too. The icing topper is nice and thick, the sponges were very moist with signs of dryness. The classic sponge is really light, fluffy and tasty and the chocolate one was super yummy and tasted divine. I am a lover of chocolate cake and this cake hit the spot, I could happily have eaten several of them.

I am really impressed with Caketoppers, the delivery was fast, they were well packaged, the appearance was great and the taste was truly amazing.

Whether you are looking to send a personalised cupcake, have some corporate cupcakes made or just want some tasty cakes for a special occasion then I can recommend Caketoppers. With the he prices starting from £5.95 for an individual cupcake and various delivery services to suit your needs, Caketoppers really are the top of my list for yummy personalised cakes.


Disclaimer :- We were sent the cupcakes in exchange for an honest review.




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  1. December 5, 2016 / 10:14 pm

    These cakes sound delicious, What a lovely picture of Emily.

    • lynseyward78
      December 5, 2016 / 10:16 pm

      They really are super tasty!

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