World Chocolate Day – Win a Chocolate Hamper from Choc Affair

Today – the 7th of July is World Chocolate Day. A day that is all about celebrating the wonderful chocolate of the world. It isn’t only about chocolate bars, it is a celebration of all things chocolatey. Chocolate is one of the most popular treats and there are so many different varieties of chocolate. Chocolate bars to chocolate cake, chocolate covered fruit to chocolate ice cream. There is something that will appeal to every chocolate lover. The day can be celebrated in a variety of different ways, of course, but the most common way to celebrate World Chocolate Day is to choose a delightful chocolate treat and indulge. Whether its buying a chocolate cake from the bakery, eating some chocolate ice cream in the sunshine or simply eating some chocolate bars. I am definitely a chocoholic and I love nothing more than eating some delicious chocolate. There is an array… View Post

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