What Has Being a Mum Taught Me Today?

Every day is a school day when it comes to parenting. It is challenging, rewarding and sometimes its funny. So what has being a mum taught me today? – dried milk and weetbix would make an excellent substitute for cement – just because it seems to be entertaining both children and thus giving you a break, it is not advisable to let the five year old roll the toddler across the floor – doing the dishes might be your biggest accomplishment for the day – if possible, you should celebrate your big accomplishment with cupcakes – hearing your child say, “Jeeeeezus CHRIST!” is less funny than you might imagine it would be – Cake is the answer to all my woes. – going to the toilet without an audience should not feel so much like ‘Mummays alone time’ – if you don’t cut your baby’s fingernails, he will rip your face off… View Post

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