Coughing, sickness and mini man flu

Some times I don’t have a lot to say, in fact a lot of the time I am not quite sure what to write and despite this I am still amazed that people actually follow my blog and pop on to read my ramblings. If it wasn’t for the fact there is already a blog named the ramblings of a housewife it would have been well suited to my blog.

The last few days in Mum, that’s me house have been hard going. Last weekend J started teething again, I think we finally have two teeth and with it came a cold. Not just a little cold we are talking full blown mini man flu and boy did he let us know about it.

It’s never nice when the little monkeys are poorly, at least E can tell me what is wrong where as J is just a guessing game. His temperature was up, he was grumpy but still eating and drinking ok. Just as I thought he was getting better the wheezing started, well thanks to doctor google, seriously never google sickness, its amazing the things that can be wrong with a child.

Anyway J was getting agitated when coughing and the wheezing was getting worse so I rang the doctors at 4.30 and was up there by 5.30. A friend kindly had E whilst I was gone so I didn’t have to drag her around. It was good news and it wasn’t a chest infection. That night when we got back he coughed so much he made himself sick, cue pj change, loads of muslin squares and a throw cleaned up and in the washing machine. Thankfully he slept fairly well after that.

Just as I think things can’t get any worse, I wake up poorly. Sore throat, headache and aching all over. I instantly knew it was going to be a long day. I am so lucky to have a good friend round the corner as she took E to school that morning. My day consisted of doing very little, taking paracetamol and muddling by. J has a mammoth nap that day o I got to sleep for an hour which really did help as did an early night.

Tonight J coughed so much that he made himself sick again, its amazing the speed projectile vomit can come out a one year old. He is now in bed and as I listen to him coughing over the monitor I already know its going to be a bad night. I can handle looking after him with his cold but its tough that there is very little I can do to relieve his cough.

The weekend is nearly here and M will be back from Warminster for the weekend, as much as he knows how to irritate and annoy me I really cannot wait to have him home, just a little bit of extra help with E and J, especially whilst J is suffering with his cough.

Things can only get better right?

This week has been sponsored by Calpol ,Neurofen and paracetamol and the help of a good friend who I want to say thank you to.

Poorly one yeat old

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