Family lives far, far away!

My Family live too far away.

There should be a law that states all mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters should live within 45 minutes of each other. The law should only be waivered in extreme circumstances, like if the family involved can’t stand each other and would rather live on opposite sides of the universe than a relatively short car journey away.

I am not one of those people, I love my family – like them even. I bickered with my brother when we were younger, as we grew older I have always looked up to him, I am really proud to say he is my brother.. I laugh at my mother and father, who are also (they’d hate me saying this) my inspiration and – as an adult – people who I love to spend time with. I also love my in-laws and have gained some very caring people through marriage.

The thing is, they all live too far away. Quite literally, at opposite ends of the country. My retired parents live in Cornwall, where I spent many of my years growing up, luckily they are only an hour and a half away. My in-laws live in Derby at least 4 hours away. And my brother, his partner and cute nephew live in Cambridge and all my other family – cousins, aunts and uncles live in Huddersfield.

We are based in Devon so everyone is far, to far away!

I notice this more so when my husband goes away with work – which really is far to often. When he is away that is when I really wish family lived closer. I don’t drive so rely on public transport to get me around and dragging a toddler on a train to Derby or Cambridge isn’t something I would want to do. So it really is just me and E most of the time. I wish we all lived a little closer. I have two lovely nephews both of which we don’t see very often so missing them growing up.

As everyone has work commitments we really don’t get to see family often enough.

I do love where we live, we ended up living here due to my husbands work, we have bought our first home, have a beautiful little girl which makes us happy. I just wish family could also see her growing up.

I love family gatherings. As a child I would relish the chance to have all my aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents in one place. The bickering, the laughter, the food, the games, the inevitable tears, more laughter and more food.

This is something I hope E will grow up treasuring too. As we all live so far away getting everyone together is a rare treat.I just wish everyone lived nearer. But as that wont happen I am happy enough to enjoy every second of every fleeting visit we get when we visit family or they visit us.



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