How Did My House Get So Messy?

Tonight, my mind is in overdrive. There is so much going on . But for now here is my Tuesday night ramblings.

I looked around my living room today – and it looked like a toy store had thrown up everywhere. Violently. My House had got so messy. There was stuff EVERYWHERE. And food. Little bits of it. When I became a mother, I started off as the crumb-Nazi – meals were to be eaten at the table, no ifs, no buts. BUT, then J came long and became a finger food enthusiast and both kids eating snacks,  and in the end, you know what? I just let it go. It wasn’t worth the arguments and the angst.

Surveying the disaster area I once called home sweet home, it occurred to me that my kids have a LOT of toys. And it also occurred to me that they have an annoying need to play with every toy, all at once. While J was busy playing with cars, I dared to begin packing away the Duplo. The ensuing performance was worthy of an Oscar. The Duplo was then pulled out all over the carpet again.

How Did My House Get So Messy

The photo above is clearly not of the toy store vomit. I didn’t rush to get a photo of that. Funnily enough. But I should have. Because maybe you would have felt better about the state of your living room. Hey, there’s always next time. So, in about twelve (very) short hours.

No matter how much I clean up. There’s just always something, somewhere. And things can be found anywhere. Jammed inside things, in the car, the bath, or even my handbag.

I think it is time for me to have a clear out once again, but until I do every day I will be tidying and hovering up the mess that my little monsters make.


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