Is your Zodiac affecting how organised you are?

If your home is anything like mine, you are being invaded by toys. Toys everywhere, occupying every possible space and multiplying like a Mogwai in a bath.

There are toys, clothes and paper work all in places they shouldn’t be. I don’t just mean when J finds my diary and puts it in the bath – thankfully there was no water in the bath when he did that.

I like to be organised and I try to be. Sometimes though It is like I am fighting a loosing battle. Here is the thing, most of this mess isn’t mine! I like everything to have a home, nice, tidy and organised.

If you were to open the drawers in my bedroom you would be greeted by neatly folded and rolled clothes, my wardrobe is in garment order and everything has a place. The rest of the house however.. I really don’t know where to start

Furniture At Work™ have released and infographic that talks about organised mess and how the zodiac affects how organised you are.

According to the infographic below, Capricorn – that’s my star sign. It says ‘your kitchen is full of gadgets which minimise the banal effort or organisation. This sign is ahead of the game, yeah their filing systems are organised but probably because they’ve hired an intern to do it’.

I think this resonates quite well. I like to be organised, my own possession’s are organised in such a way it makes my husband laugh. How everything has to be folded in a certain way. How the Tupperware containers have to be stacked just right and my bookcase is in genre and alphabetical order. Both my husband and I like to have gadgets in the kitchen.

But why is it that my side board is a mess, there is paper work stacked up that needs going through and put into the appropriate folders in the drawers. A filing system was once set up for all the paper work but it has all gone to pot.

Maybe my stars are pushing against me? Maybe I do need an intern to organise my paperwork. Any offers? Perhaps I should look into a stylish filing cabinet or maybe even filing boxes. I think we need something in this house so that the paperwork is more organised. I look forward to the day when there is no paperwork  just left to gather dust on the sideboard.

Take a look at the infographic below and see if your stars are affecting how organised you are.Orhanised Mess Infographic

Disclosure – This is a collaborated post with furniture at work. All words are my own


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