Motherhood and #MumMoments

Motherhood is hard work. And sometimes it feels just like that – work. It is also a delight and very rewarding.

And then there are moments that, for me, really define what it is to be a mum. Moments that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Not just the milestones that the children have achieved but lots of other wonderful memories.

With mother’s day in the near distance I am going to share with you some of my favourite mum moments.

The births were both memorable due to them both being complicated. Meeting them as babies is something that still makes me smile.

The Smile

Mum MomentsE’s first smile melted my heart. She had such a wonderful happy smile – she still does and when she smiles and laughs it fills me with joy. This is a mum moment that made all the hard work worth it. Her happy smile gazing up at me.

The Meeting

Mum moments

When E came to the hospital to meet J for the first time, this is one of my favourite mum moments. From the moment she laid eyes on him you could see that she loves him. She adores him and wanted to keep looking at his tiny hands and kiss his little chubby cheeks. I knew from that moment that she would be a great big sister. My Family was complete.

Enjoying Food

Mum Moment

We did baby led weaning with both of the children,  It just made sense as they both took food of our plates out of the blue. Some of my favourite mum moments are when they have got messy from eating. A messy child is a happy child and they have both made me laugh on their weaning journey.

Proudmum moments


E has made me proud so many times. I had a mum moment when she started school, she looked so grown up on her first day at school and so excited. Whilst she has been at school I have had many proud mum moments. How well she is doing at reading, watching her on sports day and in performances in Assembly’s. These are all wonderful moments that made me proud.

Just Because They Are Cute

Mum momentsI know I am biased but they are both cute, as babies and even now. Everyday they give me joy and mum moments that makes me smile.

I take so many photos of the children and with the digital age it is easy to forget to print them out. I have photo albums that I add to when I remember, a couple of photo books I have made that are great and a few of my favourite photos from mum moments have made it onto canvas.

There really are so many ways you can showcase your mum moments. Truprint Photo Books are brilliant and a great way of keeping your special mum moments together. They make great gifts and one to think about for mother’s day.

Truprint have created a great infographic with some lovely ideas for Mothers Day.

mum moments

Disclaimer – This is a collaborated post.

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