My 39th Birthday

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear me, Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my 39th Birthday, I know in the grand scheme of things 39 isn’t very old, but it sounds old to me. I am more than on the wrong side of my 30’s, I am in my final year of my 30’s!  When I was younger, possibly around the age of ten I remember thinking I will never be thirty and that thirty is really old. Well here I am, closer to forty than thirty and I am still alive.

I had a lovely day, M was off work which is a rarity – I tend to end up spending my birthday on my own or with the children whilst he is working, so it was novel having him around. Seeing as he was home I thought it was the perfect opportunity to have a birthday lie in, but who was I kidding. Two children both up early, one of which was more excited about my birthday than me and pretty much dragged me out of bed as I had to open my present’s. Bleary eyed I made my way down stairs and was given my present’s and cards.

Lightbox message

The light box had been set up to read this – turns out there wasn’t enough ‘M’s for mummy so they decided to put my age instead hmm! I am starting to think the older you get the more it is going to be mentioned in this house.

Cleaning E’s teeth before school she asked how old I was, so I said 21, she instantly said no you’re not your 39 and next year you will be 40 then 41 and 42 and 43. Needless to say I stopped her at that point.

I received some lovely gifts from people and I am more than happy with the gifts from E and J, all edible which makes for a happy mummy. A present that I’m fan of is a lovely sea salt scarf I received from my brother and his family. As you can see how lovely it is here. My first photo of my 39th year…

39th Birthday selfiePeople tell me I don’t look thirty nine, but what does someone who is thirty nine look like anyway. I look at this photo and instantly I see the little wrinkles around my eyes from smiling, maybe I should either stop smiling or invest in some anti wrinkle cream or maybe I have left it too late?

I went out with M and J in the morning to a couple of the shops on the hunt for a new coat then we came home and had a nice relaxing afternoon whilst J napped. It was then time to pick E up, she had requested I pick her up which I was fine about.. until is started raining. However it was nice to see the friendly mum’s I know and two of them were so lovely and bought me presents.

39th birthday meal

That evening we went out for something to eat, I say evening I mean we went out to fit in with the children’s normal tea time. We all had a lovely time, eating out with the children can be challenging sometimes but everyone enjoyed themselves. J was a little grumpy waiting for his food, he gets ‘hangary’ when he is hungry, he is just like his daddy.

E has this ‘thing’ that she has started doing when it comes to having her photo taken, she just cannot smile naturally and tends to pull funny faces. This photo is an ok one, I have discovered I have to get her to say something to try to relax her to take a more normal ish type smile.

39th birthday photo with EEveryone enjoyed their meals and J was no exception, it amazes me where he puts all his food. People tell me its a boy thing that they eat loads, they aint kidding me, he eat’s as much as E and sometimes more!

39th birthday meal

After eating our main course it was time for dessert, ice cream all round. This ice cream was a new addition to the menu so I thought I would sample it, I genuinely did not expect it to be this big.

39th Birthday meal

None of us could believe how big it was and we all had a little giggle, I shared the desert with M and the kids had their own. It was ice cream overload but it was super tasty and we finished it.

After the lovely meal we headed home, it was getting late and we didn’t want the children in bed too late. As I get myself and my full tummy comfy on the sofa it turns out it was birthday cake time. A yummy chocolate birthday cake with a few candles, thankfully not thirty nine- I think it would have been a fire hazard. I didn’t have room for cake after everything I had eaten so had some later.

That evening we had some adult time, a bottle of Prosecco, some nibbles and a good film, a perfect end to another birthday.

Birthdays are not the same when you have children, you don’t get to have a lie in or some peace and quiet, you don’t really get to do what you want and when you want. But that’s ok, because just like Christmas the children get excited about birthdays even when it’s not your own and in some ways that makes getting older a little bit more bearable.

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  1. William Gould
    January 7, 2017 / 11:21 pm

    Happy birthday!!! As I keep trying to tell people, the 40’s is definitely the best decade, so you still have that to come!

  2. January 8, 2017 / 2:03 pm

    Happy birthday ! You look great for 39 and looks like you had a lovely day with the family. That sweet !

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