My trip to Hamleys

During my recent trip to London we went into Hamleys, well all I can say is I am glad I went in there without E. I can imagine her wanting to touch and play with anything. Instead I just looked and played with everything!

What an amazing toy shop, it really does seem to have everything, from a section with sparkly tutus and all things princess, to Nerf guns and all the wonderful things in-between. However the one section that really stood out to me was the Lego department. When I was a little girl I used to love Lego, my brother and I would play with it for hours, it has to be said I look forward to when E is old enough to play with it.

There was such a variety of Lego, the Lego friends made for girls, star trek Lego, Harry potter Lego, far too many varieties to mention. But what did really attract me to the Lego section was all the statues made out of Lego, they were so impressive. I particularly liked the one of the Queen and her corgi.

The Queen at Hamleys Lego Corgie

It really was amazing, to think that someone actually made all of these statues out of Lego. They also had some more of the royal family and the Crown Jewells.

Royal Family Members

There was so many Lego statues that were obviously capturing people’s attention, including a walk in phone box.

What really was impressive is outside the store on Regents Street the bus stop is made completely from Lego, it is a fully operational bus stop. I can’t even begin to think how long it takes to make all these Lego structures and from what I have read is that there are constantly new Lego statues relevant to different times of year, Halloween, Christmas etc.

All I can say is the people who made these Lego statues really are talented, it must also be a fun job to have. I remember thinking how much fun it was to make my Lego horse stables when I was younger.

If you ever visit London I would definitely recommend going to Hamley’s, it’s not only a toy shop it is an experience!


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