Photographic Memories

I love my DSLR as much as a child. I treasure it and it brings me untold joy. But what did we do before phones could take photos?

E went through stages of being camera-averse and thusly, reacted strongly to the sight of the big Canon coming at her. J just wants to grab hold of it. A mobile phone though? Can be quite the sneaky little snapper and I often take photos without my kids objecting. Brilliant.

The other thing about taking photos on the phone is that you can be anywhere, doing anything and grab photographic evidence with ease. They aren’t always as clear as my DSLR photos but they are great for capturing photographic memories.

This spontaneous photography allows for some surprises when you look back through the crazy amounts shots you’ve taken. I am often reminded of moments of which I had forgotten. Moments I am so delighted to discover have been captured.

I recall how small E was, how cute they both were as babies. And how they’ve been beautiful and hilarious all their lives.

And then, there are the moments of which I have no memory. Every day is so full of moments, I can’t hope to recall them all.

The best I can do is really live them in that moment so that even though none of us might remember the exact details, each of us will have the sum total of our days together etched somewhere in our hearts. Fuzzy memory, crystal clear feelings. We lived and loved. Oh, yes, we did.

Here are a few of the hidden gems I have found on my phone. It was only when I saw these photos that I remembered the moment. In my eyes they are 100% cuteness.

Photographic memoriesE has always wanted to play with J. I remember how she built a den and made him lie under it. Happy Memories.

Photographic Memories

Its tiring being little!

Photographic Memories

This was the first time E had her hair in bunches – she wanted to pull them out.

Photographic MemoriesHaving fun on the beach.

I love having photographic memories – the older I get the worse my memory is. So the mobile phone camera is a blessing.

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