Pick ‘n’ Melt Christmas Gift Set – Review

I absolutely love candles and I am always on the look out for a nice scent to fill the room, before I tried the Pick n Melt Christmas gift set I had been burning a jelly belly blueberry candle. I had never used wax melts before so this in itself was a new experience.

Pick n Melt wax meltsPick n Melt sent me a wonderful parcel which included a lovely wax burner and a bag that almost looks like a pick n mix sweet bag, of lovely wax melts. I could smell them before I even opened the bag.

Wax melts

I was surprised how many melts they had sent me, at the same time I thought they looked small and how long would the scent last for, like I said I am normally used to candles that burn for a long time with a long lasting scent.

The scents ranged from Christmas Spice to snow, each and every one of them had a unique and wonderful smell. I was sent 8 different scents to try out.

Wac melt cubes

I decided to test out the melts, they recommend that you use between six and twelve melts at a time and that you can mix the smells. I decided to use 12 cubes of the same scent which made a large amount of liquid in the burner once it had melted, it was an amazing colour too.

Wax melts

After burning the melts for a while, the whole house smelt really festive, I was burning Mistletoe and Wine and it smelt so nice, not to over powering and the scent lasted for a long time.

Burning wax melts

One thing I wasn’t sure about was how to get the left over wax our of the burner so that I could try a different wax melt combination the following night, Pick n Melt recommend heating it slightly and then empting is out carefully which worked well.

The Pick n Melt Christmas set is a bargain at £12 and I think any candle lover would absolutely love this set, once all the cubes have run out there is a large selection of melts on their website. I quite like the look of some of the fruit ones I also like the sound of Rose and Geranium, there really are so many to choose from.

Pick n Melt also offer a subscription service ‘Join the Party’, You can choose from a standard subscription which costs £8 a month and you get to choose from 6 scent choices and they send you 18 small bags , 3 of each scent, they also send you two surprise scents which is great for trying out different scents. There is also a supreme subscription that costs £12 and for that you get more scent choices and more melts sent to you each month. The subscription service is great if you burn a lot of melts and saves having to remember to order some.

If you are looking to get some great wax melts or to even try them for the first time like me, then Pick ‘n’ melt is a great website to check out.

Disclaimer – We were sent the Pick n melt burner and melts to review.

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