Playground Behaviour

I remember my school days quite clearly, despite it being so many years ago. I have so many fond memories of school but also some not so pleasant ones.

Playground behaviour

Me when I was very little

Picture it, frizzy hair, buck teeth and glasses. I was the perfect victim for a bully. The name calling became annoying, things like ‘specky four eyes’, ‘goofy’ and many others. I never really let it get to me, but it obviously did because I remember it so well.

What I did notice about bullies is they were rarely alone, always with a group of mates. Almost like they were showing off to their friends. As a look at me, aren’t I ‘hard’, I am Mr/miss popular.

Looking back at it all I realise that it was seldom the case, these people wanted to look great and might even believed they were so much better than me, but they wasn’t.

The bullying comments started at secondary school, before that the comments were there but not as often. The bullies I mostly encountered were boys, there was however one girl that I remember and she was particularly mean and not just to me.

There is one instance of bullying that I will never forget because I finally stood up to him. He was a fat short kid who thought he was all that and I am telling you now he really wasn’t. He would constantly name call every time I saw him when he was with his mates. There did however come a point when he was alone and he walked past me when I was with my friends. I commented that he had nothing to say now he wasn’t with his mates. He tried to walk past but I finally saw red and grabbed hold of him and pinned him against the wall. He never bothered me again.

Looking back at it all, it astounds me that children can be so cruel. From people I have spoken to it appears that most people get bullied in some way. This does make me a little sad knowing that both E and J may encounter this at some point.

As I have grown up I am glad I escaped all the playground behaviour, or so I had thought. Since becoming a mum and E starting school I have encountered so many different people in the playground. Some are very lovely, a few think they are better than anyone else. There are mum’s that just blank you for no reason and there are one’s that like a drama.

I never thought this sort of behaviour would exist. You hear of people feeling uncomfortable at work, either by the boss or the office bitch. Yet the school playground..

As far as I am concerned we are all equal. We all have children that are wonderful, they are also a pain in the bum at times. No child is better than the other, regardless of how they do at school or how they behave. And let me tell you, I have seen some shocking behaviour. I am not stereotyping but it tends to be boys.

There is one thing that gripes me about the school playground and it is the mum’s that think every thing revolves around them and their child. Well reality check, its doesn’t!

The last thing any us, me particularly want, is drama. It happens in most school playgrounds, a friend of mine said that a family member experienced it years ago to. It appears there is always someone who causes problems or thinks they are better than others.

There are some lovely mum’s that I have made good friends with in E’s year at school, some are just acquaintances that I chat to and a couple I have encountered do nothing more than amuse me by their actions. At times I  do wonder if they realise the things that they do and say. Some of it quite incredulous.

I have been on the receiving end of playground behaviour and because of this I am more wary. I have a couple of good friends who I also see out of school, a couple of really friendly mum’s I talk to and as for the rest of the weird playground politics, behaviour or what ever it is I am just not interested.

At the end of the day, we are all there for the same reason. To drop our little darlings off at school.

I encountered playground behaviour as a child and it wasn’t nice so I have one thing to say.. I am too old for playground behaviour now and I think we all are. So how about all the mum’s in every playground, in every town start being nice to each other. Drop all the mummy wars rubbish, everyone is equal and what happens outside the playground is nothing to do with anyone else.

I hope you like my little video below and it makes you smile.


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  1. Rachael Lines
    February 12, 2017 / 2:40 pm

    You find little cliques wherever you go, I am on the PTA. and one of the ladies who joined up was very hesitant to do so.
    We were shocked to find out that her child was in year three, and in all those years, she had been blanked by most other women up the school – no one had attempted to talk to her beyond a simple hello, or good morning.

    Shes one of us now.. forever destined to fold raffle tickets and run manic discos for the children, but talk about being left outside alone. We actively look to include as many parents as we can now, very much aware however that we ourselves may look like a ‘clique’..

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