Rugby Crafts With Baker Ross

The rugby world cup starts on the 18th September until 31st October so now is a great time to think of crafts relevant to rugby that the little ones can do. Either whilst your watching the Rugby or before hand.

Baker Ross has come up with some great little fun craft sets that are perfect for keeping the little one’s entertained or to assist with getting them interested in the sport.

My husband is a football fan in this house but I must admit I prefer Rugby – because of the interest E is exposed to a fair amount of sport at certain times.

Baker Ross kindly sent us a Rugby Coaster kit to have a go at making.

Rugby Coaster KitsThe kits are so simple that once I had sat with E for a little while and explained what she had to do, I was able to potter in the kitchen and let her get on with it. This would definitely be a good craft to keep the kids happy whilst the game is on!

The kits are self explanatory but there are some instructions too just in case you’re not sure. Included in each kit is a coaster and a set of foam self adhesive stickers. The idea is to follow the shapes on the coaster and put in the balls and shirts in what ever pattern you so wish.

Baker Ross Rugby Craft

I tried to encourage E to do a nice pattern but she said it was her mat and she would do it what ever way she wanted. She really is little miss independent.

Emily making rugby coastersE started off by sticking down the long white foam panel first – this is where you can write people’s names later on so they know who’s coaster is, then she started by sticking the oval shapes -Rugby balls down first. She had her own little method and was happily enjoying herself sticking down the shapes.

It didn’t take her long to complete but she really enjoyed herself and seemed quite proud of her achievement, especially as she needed no help from me – well except she asked me to write her name on it.

Rugby themed crafts

The end product looks really colourful and fun. You can buy the coasters in a pack of six for £3.96 and each set has different colour coasters in so every one is different. So if you want to get into the fun Rugby spirit with your little ones take a look at all the Rugby Crafts on offer on Baker Ross and you can buy this one here – Rugby Coaster kits


Disclaimer  – We were sent his craft set for the purpose of this post.


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