Blossoming Gifts Christmas Flowers Review & Giveaway

I love receiving flowers, who doesn’t? They brighten up a room and just make me feel happy. When it comes to sending flowers finding a decent florist who doesn’t charge crazy prices and delivers lovely flowers isn’t easy.  Recently I have been sent a stunning Christmas Cheer bouquet from Blossoming Gifts, they really are beautiful. Blossoming Gifts have a great range of gifts, hampers and flowers for Christmas, they even have a selection of gifts you can personalise all of which make lovely presents. The flowers I received arrived in a tall, sturdy cardboard box and were packed in well with cardboard and packaging; so there’s no concerns there about becoming damaged when being transported. They are wrapped in cellophane with a handy little card showing you how to prep the flowers to be popped into the vase, and how to prolong their life span. The flowers also came wrapped… View Post

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