Our Trip To London – Day One

Just before the Easter weekend E and I went to London. I know this was a little while ago now. However, E keep’s talking about all the fun she had so I thought I would share some of our adventures. Most of it is photos and as we did so much I have decided to write three posts, hopefully you wont get too bored. No yawning! We travelled up to London on a Tuesday, arriving in London at midday at Paddingt0n, I had already pre booked tickets for the London eye so we headed straight there. Having lived in London and visited many a time, I was quite apprehensive about taking E. The first thing I was worried about was the underground. Not the actual train but the escalaters.  Seriously, have you seen how steep they are? Some of them resemble small ski slopes. I always get a bit worried stepping onto them.… View Post

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