My Home Improvement’s Wish List

During the summer months we are outside a lot, making the most of the longer days and the sunshine. Letting the children run around and going on little adventures. It is only when the colder months creep up on us that I am aware of our home. The mess, the furniture and soft furnishings and the general lack of snuggly comfy things. There are quite a lot of home improvements I would like to do. Firstly and most importantly is our bedroom. We have lived here a while now and it is the one room that hasn’t yet been decorated. One of the reasons being we can’t decide on a colour. We have talked about built-in furniture as It would give us more space, I am not sure about it as of yet. What I do want is some cosy bedding, new curtains and other furnishings. I have always fancied… View Post

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