Scalextric Touring Car Battle Set Review

Scalextric has been and still is a popular gift with children and adults alike! There is something about a Scalextric that appeals to everyone. I never owned a Scalextric set when I was younger, I think my brother did but I don’t recall playing with it. When I was offered the opportunity to review one, I was a little bit excited. The big kid inside. I also knew that my husband and my eldest would have so much fun with it. The simplicity of Scalextric is part of its enduring appeal. The general concept is electrically powered scale-model cars race around a slotted track. The cars are operated by a simple hand-controller. The track slots together easily which is handy when you have an impatient child who cant wait to play. The Scalextric we were sent is the Scalextric Touring Car Battle Set. It is very cool. The box contains a 15V transformer, a lap counter,… View Post

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