Interviewing Emily: 20 Questions With My Six Year Old

Last year I wrote a post Interviewing Emily: 20 Questions With My Five Year Old. Fast forward a year later, I decided to ask the same 20 Questions with My Six Year Old. This time last year E was just finishing reception, where has that time gone. E has changed so much, she has grown into a funny, intelligent little lady. She also has the attitude of a six year old. Here are the questions and her answers. 1. What is something that Mummy says to you? Your my big baby! I have only said this a couple of times recently. It had been said during a conversation about how she is growing up too quickly. Time is going to fast. 2. What makes you happy? Chocolate. This made me laugh when she said this, I know there are a lot of things that make her happy. However at 8am this morning… View Post

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