Baker Days Valentine Cake Review

I love a good slice of cake, in fact everyone in this house loves cake. I am the sort of person that will use any occasion to eat a tasty cake. Recently we were sent a wonderful valentines letterbox cake from Baker Days. It tasted amazing, I really don’t think there are enough words to explain how well received it was. A letterbox cake is exactly what it says, it is small enough to fit through your letter box, but big enough to share! The letterbox cakes are 5 inches across and 2.5cm depth and is enough for 3-4 portions. Baker Days let me choose a valentine cake of my choice. This was harder than I expected as there is a great selection of Valentines Cakes to choose from. I decided on a cute cake and chose to get it personalised with E’s name, just to be different. When the cake arrived I… View Post

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