This would have a better title if I wasn’t sick

I  would love to write this blog post from my bed. But I won’t make it there yet.

Here’s what I know for sure: being a mum when you’re sick SUCKS.

J has had a cold for a few days and hasn’t been 100% and on Sunday my immune system rolled over and said, “Have your wicked way with me, too, plague!” 

One under the weather child is hard going. But when you, the chief caregiver, are also struck down, it just becomes unworkable. Thankfully M was home on Sunday which was great. He took the kids out which meant that I could crawl into bed and attempt to recover. And for once, I actually did just that. I didn’t use the opportunity to clean, wash clothes, read my book or write lists of stuff that I should have been doing. I crawled into bed, I shut my eyes and I slept like a dead person. 

When I reappeared in the late afternoon, I felt better for sleeping most of the day and felt a lot better. Not physically, really. I still had the upset tummy and headache. But mentally, I felt lighter than I have in…I want to say years. For one day, I put aside expectations (mine, always my own) and attempted to achieve nothing. Which was quite the achievement.

Today I find I am still sick. And J is a little whingy with teething but appears to be better.

Today I need to crawl into bed again. But that isn’t  on the cards.

Today I have to push the proverbial up hill. ALL DAY LONG.

I am not necessarily the model of patience. Today I think it’s zero.

I am glad E is at school so it’s just J to look after.

It is going to be a long day.

Being a mum when what you really need is your mum? Hard work.

But because I’m all grown up, I’m going to be my own mum now and order myself to bed early tonight.

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    • lynseyward78
      March 20, 2017 / 10:33 am

      Thank you. I’m hoping tomorrow normality resumes.. it needs too!

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