What’s hiding in my makeup bag

I will admit it out right now.. I am a make up whore.. well sort off. I have a lot of makeup in my makeup bag, my make up vanity box and on my chest of drawers. I however don’t always wear it, I can happily leave the house with no make up on but If I am going out with the girls, or for something to eat then I wont go out with out make up on.

My other make up vice is that I like expensive make up, not because of the name, I am not the type of person that is sold by the brand name but what I do like is good quality make up that works well with my skin. I am not saying that some of the cheaper make up isn’t good quality at all, my favourite eye liner is from Avon and I haven’t found one I like better. It’s just as a whole I find Benefit and Mac seem to apply better on my skin and last longer.

Here is a glimpse to what is in my makeup bag this Autumn.

Whats in my make up bag


1 . Number 7 Tinted moisturiser. I absolutely love this, it makes my skin feel and look soft whilst giving it a nice colour and it means I don’t to need to use foundation thankfully as I have yet to find one I really like.

2. Benefit Roller Lash in Black. This is a super curling mascara. it does what it says – make my lashes nice and curled and lifted for a better look.

3. Benefit Eye Bright. I suffer with dark bags under my eyes, it’s called having a baby that doesn’t sleep! So I have various different pieces of make up to try to eliminate the tired zombie look I perfect so well.

4. Garnier Roll-on Anti dark circles. As I said anything to help me look more alive… I find this so easy to apply, roll it on and then I smudge it a little with my fingers to get the coverage I want.

5. Mac Mystic Cool Eye Shadows. This pallet has six colours ranging from neutral to an amazing blue/green type colour that I love. What I really like about these eye shadows is that they apply easy, look vibrant and apply crease free so it looks good all day long or all night long!

6. Benefit Lemon Aid. This is another wonderful make up creation. It is a colour correcting eye lid primer, it helps with the dark eyes and its great for hiding redness & discoloration. Its makes my eye lids feel good and I totally recommend it.

7. Benefit High Beam- This is pink liquid highlighter that accents cheek & brow bones and it gives my skin a lovely glow. When ever I use this my skin feels and looks more alive.

8. Elizabeth Arden Lip gloss. This stuff is amazing, It gives a good coverage, I had a similar one that I bought for my wedding day and it lasted all day, no matter how many glasses of fizz I drank.

9. Benefit Her Glossiness. This I a lovely lip gloss that I use more frequently on a day to day basis. It is a peachy pink colour and seems to last for ages. It some times frustrates me when my hair gets stuck to my mouth when I first put it on.. seriously I need to let it set nicely before faffing around with my hair or the more sensible option is hair then lip gloss.

10. Mac Dazzleglass. This is a new addition to my make up bag, I absolutely love the colour and it sparkles. What other reason does anyone need to have this in their make up bag? It is also easy to apply and not too sticky.

11. Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer. This works great on my dark eyes, are you seeing a pattern yet on make up covering my dark eyes? I went into Mac feeling rubbish and tired and looking for something to cover the dark eyes, the lovely lady applied it and I loved it. It’s also great for covering up spots and blemishes. It is quite thick so I find once I have applied it with the brush I smudge it a little with my fingers to get the desired look.

12.Benefit PowderFlage. This is a brightening under eye powder that is now discontinued. This gives a nice bright light effect under the eyes. But I always have to remember to tap the brush to get any excess powder off the brush so that there is enough on there to give just the right coverage.

13. Make Up Brushes. An essential to every make up bag. I have a fab Mac brush to use with my concealer and the other brushes came from boots and do exactly what they need to do.

14. Avon blackest black eye liner. I have yet to find another eye liner that works as well on my eyes. It is easy to use and makes my eyes stand out well, I simply love it.

These are the fourteen items currently in my make up bag for this Autumn

I am always on the look out for new bits of make up-despite having a lot, so if you have any recommendations then do let me know.

Whats hiding in my make up bag





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  1. August 31, 2017 / 7:15 am


    You look natural with that makeup. I always bring with me a lip balm, makeup brushes, concealer, sunscreen powder, sunscreen lotion and a foundation. I can’t go outside the house without having these things in my bag. Thank you for sharing.

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