Party Bags & Supplies

Win £30 To spend online at Party Bags & Supplies

Organising a party for any occasion is hard work, whether it’s for children’s or other occasion party. Party Bags & Supplies is a great website that can alleviate some of the stress. Party Bags & Supplies sells pretty much everything you need. They have a great selection of table wear , they sell amazing pre filled party […]

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Five Things I Hate about motherhood and other stuff I love

While Martin was away with work, I sent a text to a friend, “Doing this gig alone has given me time to reflect on just how much I don’t enjoy motherhood.” I sent it with an intended element of mirth but I sat with my statement for a little while, tossing it around in my head, to […]

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Almost Perfect Parenting

I make no secret of the fact that I am a less than perfect mum. In fact, I think the reason people like to read this blog is because it makes them feel good about the way they parent. At the very least, they learn that they are not alone in their sub-par efforts. But […]

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My Ultimate Spa Day

Before you think this post is about me having an amazing Spa Day, alas it is not! I am 39 and I have never been on a spa day, god that sounds like a confession! This is something that I would love to change. However, being a full time stay at home mummy I can’t see that happening […]

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Being Mummy!

The first word I hear most days is “Mummy”, followed by a tender “I love you” or “good morning” or “Can I have chocolate for breakfast?” Or in J’s case I get a I’m hungry whinge! Before my eyes are even open, before my brain has fully adjusted to the reality of no more sleep. […]

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