No longer Supermum

  Remember being a first-time mum? You were hell bent on doing ‘the right thing’ by your child. Often this meant altering your lifestyle to make sure they drank, ate, slept when they were ‘supposed to’. I was one of these mum’s who would schedule my day around nap time to make sure No.1 slept. It […]

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Spaghetti Bolognese

A quick midweek meal – Spaghetti Bolognese- #Thankgoodness for Dolmio

I am not a food blogger. One time I was trying to make a quick and easy meal for the family after a hectic day. Not only did I burn the potatoes to the pan, I also burnt the baked beans for the same meal. Now I am sure you know that burnt potatoes have […]

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Mother day

Mother’s Day – Just Another Day

This year, Mother’s Day was….underwhelming. There, I said it. It sucked mainly because M worked. So there was no sleeping in, breakfast in bed or general putting up of the feet. As M wasn’t here, E rose to the occasion which resulted in her making me breakfast – well putting pop tarts in the toaster. She then […]

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Worn in Love - Living Two Years Apart

Worn in Love – Two Years Living Apart

M has been away with his job for nearly two years now, only home on weekends. It’s the most time we’ve spent apart since having kids. It’s been hard in some ways. Easier in others. Having no-one to help at bedtime isn’t ideal. The relentlessness is brutal when you’re the only adult around. But then, there […]

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Win a £25 Amazon Voucher

Win A £25 Amazon Gift Voucher

I don’t know about you but I love a freebie, bargain and of course competitions. I used to enter quite a few competitions but struggle to find the time at the moment. Recently I have been contacted about a website that lists Freebies, Voucher Codes and Competitions. That is my kind of website. Gratisfaction is […]

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