Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner Giveaway

Fidget Spinners are the new craze in the playground, everyone is talking about them including E. So when I was sent one in the post, E was delighted. I had no idea what to expect from a fidget spinner, I had only really seen them on social media. A fidget spinner is  a weighted spinner that […]

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Housework vs Life

I hate housework. With a passion. I always have. There is always something else I’d rather be doing, something more important and meaningful. Anything! Like writing, going out for lunch, spending quality time with my family, living life. Cleaning the house together, as a family, is not quality time in my books. I sometimes think, usually as […]

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Family holiday to Sicily

An Unforgettable Family Holiday in Sicily

Life can get a little crazy sometimes (particularly with kids!), so taking a break once in a while should be mandatory. However, picking the destination of a family holiday is not the easiest of tasks; especially when you have a number of people to please. Choosing a location that all of the family will enjoy can […]

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what2by4kids competition

Win a Make You Own Chocolate Bundle with what2buy4kids

When it comes to buying gifts for children it can be a minefield. certainly takes the headache out of buying gifts. The website has great search functions, you can search via age, gender or by toy type. E is six soon as are many of her friends. By using the websites search function I have […]

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Earning a little Extra Pocket Money- Tips for Stay at Home Mums

Many parents simply cannot go back to work after having a child (and many don’t want to). However, this can have a detrimental effect on your family’s bank balance. It is possible to be a busy mum, and earn a little bit of money. Either to help go towards the bills, or allow you a little […]

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