The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby Review

We had seen the trailers and it looked like a funny film, so we were excited to finally get to see The Boss Baby. The Plot The film follows Tim an imaginative seven year old and his family. Life is good for Tim, until a new baby arrives, but this baby is not an ordinary baby. One morning Tim wakes […]

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Honey Bee

The Importance of the Honey Bee – with a Quiz

I have to say I am very cautious of the bee’s that fly around our garden. It comes from the fear of their sting which can be very painful. E is also equally as cautious, we have told her when she see’s a bee to just leave it alone and let it get on with […]

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Helping Your Child Over Come Bedwetting

Of all the skills your child masters as they grow, one of the hardest is managing their bladder. Some children seem to master it without a problem but other children struggle. Bedwetting is night time ‘accidents’ that happen when a child is asleep. They either don’t get the urge to visit the toilet or they […]

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Summer Holiday

Summer Holiday Boredom Busters That Won’t Cost A Fortune!

The summer holidays are here and give it a few weeks or even days and children start to get bored. Going on expensive days out isn’t always an option. Here are a few suggestions of things to do to bust that summer holiday boredom. Visit Your Local Library If your children are not members, it is […]

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Rattan direct competition

Win a £500 Voucher with Rattan Direct

I love having a nice large garden for the kids to play in. When we started looking to buy a house one of the important requisites was that it had a decent garden. The only down side to a garden is the gardening, neither of us have green fingers. But after looking at the mess […]

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