Win a Baking Fundamentals Course

I have never been a very good cook, however over the last couple of years I have started to enjoy baking. I am not particularly brilliant and I have had my fair share of baking disasters. It’s certainly a long process improving but I do enjoy browsing cook books for tasty treats that I can attempt to […]

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Ways to get you eight glasses of water a day

How to Get Your Eight Glasses of Water a Day

The human body is a complex being – made up of muscles, organs, tissue and, most predominantly, water. In order to keep our bodies hydrated, it is recommended that you drink at least eight glasses of water a day, equalling two litres. That may seem like a lot. Especially if you are the kind of […]

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Why it’s ok to be anti-social

Before I had children I used to put a lot of time and effort into friendships. Stupidly, I also trusted a lot of people. In hindsight they weren’t really my friends, they just didn’t have the decency to be honest with me. I have encountered the one-sided friendship, you know when you persist and make […]

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Fashion world

Clothes For All The Family at Fashion World – Review

I love to go shopping, however due to lack of time I prefer to go to shops were I can get most things. With the sad decline in high street stores I have resorted to online shopping. I do however still spend ages browsing different websites. Fashion world is a great online shopping site that […]

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Birthday gift Guide

Birthday Gift Guide For a 7 Year Old Girl.

As children get older their interests change, knowing what to buy a seven-year old girl can be tricky. If like many you’re not sure what to buy, fear not as this awesome birthday gift guide is full of ideas.   Hallmark Birthday Cards First off is something a little different but equally as important. Birthday […]

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