How To Become A Professional Photographer

Photography is one of my many passions. I love nothing more than taking great photos, particularly still life and taking macro photos. Looking for a good composition and natural light to get the best possible photo. Owning a camera doesn’t straight away make you a professional photographer, no matter how fancy the camera you buy.  However […]

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What To Look For When Hiring a Tradesman

When it’s time to hire a tradesman to work in your home, it’s so important that you take the decision on who to work with very seriously.  After all, you don’t want to end up looking back with regret at your decision after the job has completed. But this is a common occurrence. People don’t […]

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Glitter on the floor

Glitter on the Floor

I tripped over something. I looked down at my feet to see an empty container, a toy dinosaur and thousands….no….millions (as my daughter would say) of sparkles on the floor. No one told me about glitter before I became a parent. How evil it is. How it never, ever really goes away, no matter how much […]

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Back to school with smiggle

Back To School With Smiggle

I cannot believe how quick the school summer holidays are going. We are trying to have a combination of relaxing chill out days and days when we are out and about. As a whole we are having a lovely time. However, it has reached the time when I need to start thinking about getting School […]

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Win A Luxury Afternoon Tea With Red Letter Days

Did you know it’s currently afternoon tea week?  I do love all the awareness and event days and weeks. Especially when it comes to celebrating one of the nations traditions. Afternoon Tea. The combination of savoury and sweet and a nice cup of tea is perfect. To celebrate Afternoon tea week red letter Days are […]

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