Playfoam pals

Playfoam pals from Learning Resources – Review

My children love collectible toys, they seem to be the ‘in’ thing at the moment. It all started out with Kinder eggs, then blind bags, surprise eggs and then even watching them on you tube! Both my children seem fascinated by the whole collectible, surprise toys. So as I expected the children were super excited […]

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Top 5 Reasons To Have Children

I never anticipated how much my life and how much I would change once I had children. Being a parent is hard work, I don’t care what Super nanny says or how amazing some parents are. This job is hard work and it comes with both good and bad points. However there are so many […]

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Pound Toy

Pound Toy Review

When you have children, you don’t quite anticipate how much money you will end up spending on them. I am not just talking about the essentials such as nappies and clothes. But my word it all adds up. Then throw into the mix special occasions, birthdays and Christmas. Two of the most expensive occasions of […]

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Elf Pets : Santa’s St Bernard’s Save Christmas Review & Giveaway

Christmas is on its way and its the time to get all festive. Whether it be shopping, spending time with loved ones or eating tasty treats. A great way for the family to get festive is by watching a Christmas film. Elf Pets : Santa’s St Bernard’s Save Christmas is a lovely film that is […]

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Autumn Blues

Those that know me, will know that I am not a fan of Autumn. I am aware there are people out there that love it. The beautiful colours, the pumpkins and Halloween, which has now been and gone. I am not that blogger that gets excited about Autumn themed photos, I don’t think about all […]

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