A fun afternoon at Trago Mills Newton Abbot

E is one of the many children that tend to get bored in shops, if we are shopping for her then that’s a different matter. This afternoon we took a trip to Trago Mills in Newton Abbot. Trago claims to be ‘the most family-friendly shopping site in the UK‘! In my eyes no shop is Emily friendly.

We have visited Trago Mills on numerous occasions over the years to pick up things we need, the thing about Trago Mills is that is sells everything you can imagine, from car accessories to paint, bathrooms, bedding to toys, clothes, garden related items. It really does seem to sell a bit of everything. This is great but we plan to get one thing and normally ending buying other things. Today M (my husband) wanted to go as we needed a few things for the garden that we are trying to tidy and make it look nice.

Trago Mills in Newton Abbot is not only a shop, they also have a fun park, play areas and an animal barn. All of this is perfect for entertaining E. As the sun was shining I decided that E and I were not going to venture into the shop today and would have some fun outside, this would prove less stressful and M could get done what he wanted to.

As we walked into the fun park the first ride we came across was an octopus ride, E wanted to go on this so we had to get some tokens. All of the rides in the fun park are paid for using tokens which can be bought in machines around the park two tokens costs £1, you can also buy day passes but as E is only little and cannot go on many of the rides it makes more sense for us to pay as we go.  The octopus was only one token and Emily had a great time. Some of the rides are looking run down and need refurbishing but this doesn’t stop people enjoying themselves.

The Octopus ride at Trago Mills

As we walked a little further down we came across the miniature steam railway, a railway that goes around a lot of the complex. As Trago Mills is set 110 acres of beautiful South Devon countryside it is quite a nice little ride. The train costs £2 for an adult and £1.50 for children and this is for unlimited trips through out the day. E was really keen to go on this so we bought our tickets and off we went. E loves trains so was really excited about this. The first part of the journey took us through lots of trees and past a lake and ended up near another car park, we stayed on the train and it took us around the whole of the fun park. E had a great time.

Emily on the Steam Train at Trago Mills

After seeing the rest of the fun park E was excited to go and play and go on more rides. All the play areas are free so she had great fun on the slides and playing on some rocking rides.

Play Park Fun

E was having fun and it meant I wasn’t experiencing the stress I would normally have running around after her in the shop and trying to stop her from touching everything. After playing in the playgrounds she asked to go on a round about ride. This was also one token which equates to 50p.

On an aeroplane

We exchanged another pound for tokens as E wanted to go on the bouncy castle, just as we were waiting to go on M returned from his shopping trip. As he had bought a lot of garden stuff all we had to do was pick it from a collection point later, so we were able to have a little more fun. After the bouncy castle we explained to E that we had to go, she wasn’t impressed as she was having so much fun. As we were walking back through the park the diesel train was sat waiting so I gave M the tickets so he took E on the train for the last time, having never been on the train before when it reached its first stop he got off as E said this is where it stops, so they had to walk back from the car park and didn’t get to do the whole circuit. But they still had fun.

Trago Mills Newton Abbot has a lot to offer for families and it certainly kept my little monkey happy for the afternoon.

Cheeky Monkey

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