A Picture says a Minion Words!

The world has gone Minion crazy on the run up and during the release of the new minions film at the cinema. The little cute, funny, sometimes annoying minions keep popping up everywhere and everyone seems to love them, including E.

Recently we were asked if we wanted to be part of a #oneinaminion campaign which involves minion merchandise and of course lots of photos as we all know that a picture tells a minion words!

To create some wonderful photos that are full of all things minion, Asda kindly sent us a selection of items – all of which we love. Asda have a great range of minions goodies that would keep people of all ages happy. Take a look at the minion goodies on offer here.

We were sent an awesome Sea of Minions beanbag, a fab minions straw, a set of men’s pyjamas, some woman’s pyjama bottoms and a fab girls minions t-shirt. Its official this house has now been over taken by minions! All of the items are amazing quality and I am really impressed.

Minions clothes

I tried to get some fab photos of all of us together but they didn’t turn out so great unfortunately but instead I can share with you some of the cute and funny one in a minion photos that I managed to take.

Here is my hubby and E wearing their fab Minion clothes and E has decided to include one of her minion toys that she has in with the photo.


Drink time – E thinks the minion straw is awesome

Minions strawE absolutely loves the beanbag – she isn’t the only one! My husband obviously finds it very comfortable!

Minions bean bag

Ever since the bean bag arrived E has been sat or lying on it.

Minions beanbag

Don’t interrupt me I am chilling out on the sea of minions…

Lying on the minions bean bag

I was sent some very comfy Minion pyjama bottoms, and they are a great fit – they sit under the bump nicely, its a shame I couldn’t pull them off as every day wear as they are that comfortable.

Minion pyjama bottoms

we took so many group photos that I am annoyed they didn’t turn out to great as we had so much fun taking them, as Martin works away during the week I have said we will have to do more when he is back – I would love to have that perfect one in a minion photo to put in a frame!

One in a minionIf you or anyone in your family are minion crazy definitely check out Asda’s minion goodies and remember a photo says a minion words!


Disclosure:- We were sent the items from Asda for the purpose of this #oneinaminion campaign!



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2 thoughts on “A Picture says a Minion Words!

  1. Hello, not sure if this is appropriate but can you tell me if the bean bag would be suitable for a 4 to 5 year old?
    I’m a bit worried because the dimensions on the Asda site seem small to me,

    thank you, Peter

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