An Impromtue trip to the sea side

We are very fortunate to live in a sea-side town with the beach a mere ten minuets away, on Saturday afternoon just gone the sun started to shine, there had been a rain shower in the morning. But as the sun was now shining we decided to take a trip to the sea front.

Every year Dawlish, which is across the water from Exmouth has an air day display and if you sit on the sea front or beach in Exmouth you get to see some of the planes fly over. This was the first time we decided to go.

We explained to E where we were going and she was instantly telling both mummy and daddy to hurry up as we don’t want to miss the planes, such a bossy three-year old! We headed down to the sea front and attempted to park, with it being Air Day and also a Saturday on a bank holiday weekend it was no easy task. After eventually parking we had to take a brisk walk to the sea front and we got there just in time as the Red Arrows started to fly over.

E sat on a low wall on the edge of the beach and was really excited about the aeroplanes and all the brightly coloured smoke. It really was a brilliant display that covered Dawlish and Exmouth sea fronts and were easy to see.

Red ArrowsThe display did go on for quite a while and as any three year old would, E got a bit fed up. Luckily where we sat was just on the beach so she was able to play in the sand near by, occasionally she made comment about all the smoke and the heart the red arrows made.

The Red Arrows on Dawlish Air Day

Once the red arrows had finished their display it was time to play on the beach and wait for the next lot of aeroplanes. As it was a last minuet decision to go and watch the planes we weren’t really prepared for the beach,  but E didn’t care. She was still happy to play in the sand and run around.

Emily running on the beachA few more planes passed over and it was ice cream time, after all you cannot go to the sea side and not have ice cream, can you?

Everyone obviously had the same idea, the queues were busy but E didn’t seem to mind once she was given her ice cream.

Ice cream timeThe sun was shining and it was getting hot, E continued to play whilst we sat on the wall watching planes, which E occasionally took an interest in. It wasn’t too long after the ice cream break that E decided it was time to go for a paddle, so off E and Daddy went down to the sea.

Daddy and E Paddling

I always try to encourage Daddy and Daughter time, especially as my husband is away a lot with work. I am around twenty four seven so E always gets to do things with me so I think its important they get time together. And there is no hiding the fact that I like a little break from E.

Once they returned from their paddling I was advised that the sea was cold, there was no way was I going for a paddle after being told that.

The afternoon had flown by and had been really enjoyable, there was just one more set of planes we really wanted to see and that was the Lancaster Bombers, the two that were going to fly are the last two in the world that are operational. One had flown over from Canada and it was the first time in 50 years that they had flown together. So it was going to be pretty impressive to see. E was however was bored, so I ended up taking her for a ride on one of those annoying rides you find outside arcades or shops. Unfortunately the ride was broken so we walked back to the car. E was grumpy due to being tired and bored and me fed up that I wasn’t getting to see the Lancaster Bombers.

Well how I was wrong, the planes flew right over us as they were heading to the display, and where we were parked at the cricket club they flew over three times and seemed very close. At this point even E was impressed and kept asking if they would fly back. I couldn’t believe how low they were.

Lancaster Bomber Dawlish Air Day

When my husband finally returned from the beach he said he saw them but would have been better if further up the beach, so it appears that E and I actually had a better view. It was a shame that he wasn’t with us too.

Lancaster Bombers 6756361-large

We all had a lovely afternoon and I am glad we made the last minuet decision to go down to the beach to watch the air show. We were all a little worn out from all the sunshine and running around with E but it was all worth it. E certainly slept well on Saturday night.


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  1. August 25, 2014 / 6:11 pm

    Lovely photos, wasn’t it just the best display? We loved it. We must have been almost next to you, looking at your photos!

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