Fathers Day Crafts with Bakers Ross

A couple of weeks ago E and I received a parcel from Bakers Ross, we were excited and curious to what was inside as we had recently tried out some of their Summer craft sets that they sent us and had a lot of fun.

Inside the box was a lovely selection of Fathers Day Crafts.

Fathers Day Crafts

Included in the box are Fathers Day keyring sets, Dad wooden decorations, Fathers Day Face Cards, Fathers Day handprints Poem kits and a pack of T-shirt craft boxes.

E was ready to get started, we started off with the Dad wooden decorations, E was attracted to these because she knew it meant she would get to do some painting.

E Chose herself three different colour paints and got to work, after doing one side she then propped the sign up so she could then do the other side of the sign too. I do love watching E when she concentrates, she quite often sticks her tongue out!

Dad wooden signThe end product looks really nice and colourful. The kits also come with some ribbon so the signs can be hung up or you can just have them propped up using little stand rods that come with the kit.

Dad signI intend on finding a photo of E and her daddy to stick behind one of the letter D’s to make it really personal. This is a really simple craft and I think E has done a good job making it nice and colourful. The decorations only cost £2.99 for a pack of four.

Once we had done the Dad wooden decoration and E had splattered her paint brush on some other paper creating modern art we moved on to the Fathers Day Keyring kits. There are four different keyring kits in a pack for just £2.99. E chose the football one as she says daddy likes football – She has had to endure football being on television at some point on a weekends!

Father day keyring

These are a nice simple craft that E could do alone, she simply had to thread the beads onto some cord and also the wooden football decoration, all I had to do was tie the knot in the cord at the end so all the beads didn’t fall off.

The end product looks really good and E was really proud of the keyring she had made for daddy.

Fathers day key ring

We had to wait a couple of days before we could do anymore of the kits as Daddy came home from work for a long weekend having been away for five weeks.

When we were able to get crafting again E chose to paint the T-shirt craft boxes next. These boxes are made of strong card. E chose a couple of bright coloured paints and got started. She chose red because daddy’s favourite top is red!

Tshirt craft boxes

E opted to colour one side red and one green so when the box is put together its half and half. I am still trying to encourage her to maybe add some sparkly bits too it also. She is very keen to buy some sweetie’s to put inside to give to her daddy, but at the same time saying I hope he will share them mummy. I love her innocence and her clever way of thinking. I think with a little bit of sparkle this will make a great gift box. The boxes come in a pack of four and cost £2.99.

t-shirt gift box

Next we moved onto the Fathers Day Handprint Poem Decorations. A pack of four costs £3.96. The idea of this personalised decoration is to draw around your hand, cut it out and decorate using the embellishments included.


E loved having her hand drawn round, after which I cut round it and then guided her as to where to stick things. She really enjoyed this simple craft and she thinks is brilliant because it has a photo of daddy on it. That was no easy job, finding a photo of my husband proved harder than I imagined.

The kits come with a piece of ribbon so they can be hung up and when they are finished they look really cute and E loves it.

handprint craft

The final craft that we had to make was the Fathers Day Face Cards which cost £1.99 for a pack of eight. I always worry a little when it comes to colouring with E as she tends to get bored with colouring large areas easily but enjoys the small detailed colouring, but she did really well on this craft and it kept her attention, especially when I told her would could get the glue out and stick some things on the face once it was coloured.

Fathers day face cardsE decided to colour the shirt and tie all different colours, like all three-year olds they like lots of colour. She then stuck on some googly eyes, used some string for a mouth and opted for pom poms for daddies brown hair – the colour brown alone made me laugh as my husband insists he is  blonde but he is obviously brown! The end card looks great and I am sure E’s daddy will love it.

fathers day face cardWe have had so much fun creating all the wonderful crafts that Baker Ross has kindly sent us, I hadn’t even registered that it was Fathers Day soon, by soon I mean it’s on Sunday 21st July. Still a while away which gives you the perfect opportunity to buy some of these sets and give them a go with your children!


Disclosure : – We were sent these craft sets from Bakers Ross and all words and opinions are my own.


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