I’m Getting Married in the Morning – well nine years ago!

How time fly’s by, nine years ago today I was preparing myself for getting married to my fiance. Last minuet trips to the wedding venue with favours and table decorations, catching up with family who had travelled from Yorkshire and then my friend, who is a beauty therapist came round to do my nails. One thing is for sure I was ready for my bed that night. It had been a very busy week with last minuet things to sort out.

I met my husband eleven years ago at a friend’s wedding, I certainly wasn’t intending to get involved with anyone as I was going back to University for my final year and wanted no distractions. They say you find someone when you’re not looking and that’s exactly what happened. He was very sweet at the wedding, I know men hate being called sweet and cute, but he was. The toasting wine was being passed around and he passed me his and waited for another bottle to be opened until he could get a glass of the fizzy stuff. Later that night he kindly bought me a drink and was very chatty, which was amazing as I have since learnt that he is a quiet person most of the time – it must have been the beer! Later that night we exchanged numbers but I honestly didn’t think anything would become of it.

He was based in Scotland at the time and I was living in Cornwall, can you get any further apart in the UK? However he sent text messages and started to call me daily on an evening and that’s how we really got to know each other. Two weeks later he drove to Cornwall for the weekend and that is how we ended up getting together, so much for me not getting involved with someone for my final year at University.

I went to do my Final year at Bournemouth University and as he was based in Exmouth then we were able to see a lot more of each other, he visited nearly every weekend except for when he was away on courses. He became part of my University life and my Uni friends got to know him too.

It was very much a whirlwind romance, we met in the August and the following January he proposed to me, then eighteen months later we got married. And here we are now nine years down the line, we have our own home, a beautiful daughter and a few more grey hairs! I sit here and reflect back on all those years, there has been happy times, hard times, and rough times but I do hope that there will be many more years of memories to be made. A photo of us both eleven years ago!Bouremouth Beach

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