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Make your own Jellyfish

We love doing arts and crafts in this house.  A firm favourite is sticking anything the children can find, on to a piece of paper. E is currently really interested in fish and sea life as a whole, we have a membership to the aquarium in Plymouth which she loves to go to. Because of her interest we have recently started doing sea-life based crafts. One craft really enjoyed was making her own Jellyfish, so I thought I would share it with you. It’s perfect to do on rainy days.

First of all you will need colouring crayons, scissors, blue ribbon, another piece of ribbon – any colour, two googly eyes and a piece of card cut into a semi-circle and a hole puncher.

Make your own Jellyfish

First of all colour in the piece of semi-circle card, as many colours as you like. E enjoyed using lots of different colours.. You will then need a hole puncher to create four holes along the bottom of the card. After that stick on the googly eyes.

Make your own Jellyfish


E decided to add some more colour after she had put the googly eyes on,

Next you need to cut the blue ribbon into four pieces – you can use other colour ribbon if you prefer. Once you have cut the ribbon tie knots at the bottom of each piece.

Make your own Jellyfish

Once you have done that thread the ribbon through the four holes, with the knots at the back of the jellyfish. This stops the jellyfish tentacles from falling out. The second bit of ribbon in any colour of choice is made into a loop to keep hold off, just tape it to the back of the jellyfish.

Your finished Jellyfish should look a little bit like this..

How to make your own Jellyfish

E loves her jellyfish, we have put a suction cup onto a window and it is hanging there using the yellow ribbon.


I hope you have as much fun making your own jellyfish as we did making ours.

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