New Year’s Resolutions

With the end of 2016 coming to a close, I can’t help but look back smile, and be thankful for a very blessed year. During 2016 I have watched my children grow in different ways, E started year one and has astounded me by everything she has learnt and J has reached so many amazing mile stones during the year, Sitting up, Crawling, Walking, Eating solid’s  and causing chaos where ever he goes.

As M works away I feel very much like I have been a single mum at times, we only see M two days a week and sometimes less. This has been tough on all of us., the kids have missed M, I have missed having some support and M has missed the kids. So I look back on 2016 and I am proud of myself for coping, I have lived on disturbed sleep for the last year and managed to keep two children alive and not burn the house down – in my eyes this is a good achievement.

However I look back on 2016 and I don’t see me, honestly I am not sure who I see anymore. I have spent the entire year devoting myself to my children, which I am not sorry about, not one tiny bit as they are so amazing in so many ways. But, now… now it’s time for me to find a better balance in my life. It’s time to find me.

ResolutionsI have always made New years resolutions and they have always fizzled out throughout the year, such as aiming to get fit – I look back on my year and I can see why that didn’t happen as I haven’t had time to myself.  So this year I am going to make a resolution that is more manageable and that is to make changes for myself.

This resolution can be broken into smaller segments –

1. Stay Positive – I frequently look at the negative of things and not at how great something is. I need to be more optimistic and make things happen instead of saying I can’t do this or that.

2. Wear different clothes – a weird one I know. But I am a repeat offender of wearing the same clothes all the time, I will easily throw everything on the floor looking for something to wear to then choose the same thing’s. E and J don’t care what I wear, but I now do. I plan to wear more of the clothes in my wardrobe and purchase a few nice new things – not just my ‘everyday mum tops’.

3. Make better healthy lifestyle and nutritional choices. I need to learn to organise myself better for the family. I am terrible for not forward planning things and when it comes to meal times it frequently ends up being something out of the freezer, to combat this I am going to try to meal plan. Who knows this might even improve my cooking stills and I think by doing this meal times will become less stressful.

4. Be Thankful For All I Have-Stop wanting want I cannot have. In an ideal world M would live at home all the time, but as this isn’t going to happen for a while I will try to be grateful for when he is home and make the most of family time. I would love a bigger house, a holiday abroad but I know this wont happen in 2017 so instead I am going the try to make the house more of a home, less clutter and more homely. And as for a holiday .. watch this space, I am sure we will sort something.

5. Make time to do what I want – I love spending time blogging and reading, I need to find a balance and make time for both of those. I have to blog on an evening when the children are in bed, because of this I plan to be more organised so I get to blog when ever I want and also spend time reading some great books. I will try to manage my time better and make the most of ‘me’ time when ever I get chance.

These are just some of the things I want to do to make myself a better me this year. I am hoping that, by doing these things, that I feel better both inside and out, and that these steps will then lead to bigger goals to accomplish for myself in the future.

Have you got any new years resolutions this year?





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  1. December 31, 2016 / 11:15 pm

    I feel very similar after this year – my hubby works away so like you I feel like a single mum a lot of the time and I realise how little time I get to be me, this year was particularly tough and the year ahead he will just be back a couple of days a week at most. So my resolution is to try to look after myself if I can after all it then helps the kids too. Hope 2017 is a good one!

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