Our christmas Day 2014

I have always loved Christmas, I put it down to how great my Christmases were as a child. Since E has come along, it has become even more magical.

I didn’t get chance to take too many photos on Christmas Day and those I did are either snappy ones or from my phone, the day whizzed by.

E now understands that father Christmas brings her present’s if she has been a good girl and she knows that he lives in the north pole, so when it came to Christmas eve she was very excited about leaving a mince-pie, carrot and a drink out for Father Christmas and his reindeer.

what to leave father christmas

We asked E if she wanted to leave some milk for Father Christmas or a grown up drink and she chose to leave a grown up drink. Turns out we didn’t have any port or sherry so Father Christmas was left a vodka and coke!

On Christmas eve we took E down the beach and then to a soft play area to wear her out with a view that she would fall straight asleep on Christmas eve and she did. She woke around 7.30 on Christmas day and the first thing she said when daddy went into her is ‘has father Christmas been?’. She was so excited.

She opened her stocking upstairs on our bed and she was absolutely delighted when she received a magnifying glass, If you have read other posts about visiting Exeter Museum you will know about her love for magnifying glasses.

Bigjigs magnifying glass

After the stocking we managed to get her dressed, she was keen to see the presents downstairs but we did tell her she would have to eat some breakfast first – I wasn’t holding much hope that she would eat Christmas dinner. I have never seen E eat her breakfast so quickly.

Present opening commenced. The first important present E received which was left next to the empty plate,  was the Elsa dress. From a previous post you will have been aware about our toilet training problems, we told her that father Christmas would bring her the dress if she started using the toilet for her poo’s. Amazing how blackmail works. She was thrilled that she is the proud new owner of the dress.

Present opening

E received a dolls head for putting make up on and style its hair, she though this was great and we are hoping it means we wont constantly be asked to play hairdressers.

Tea set

E loves getting the presents out of the boxes when she opens them and some of them she plays with before opening up her other presents. Her new tea set was one of those presents. She insisted on a full on tea party before opening any other presents. What I love is it all packs away in a really cute case so no tea cups lying around.

Princess Sofia Dress

E is a big fan of dressing up and she received a few dressing up outfits for Christmas. As she is a big fan of Sofia the first on television she was really excited about her dress. As you can see there are still more presents to be opened but she insisted on trying it on first.

Hat and gloves

When we finally got through all the presents we managed to open a few too. For anyone that knows me they will know how much I love woolly hats and gloves, you can never have too many. Here is a set I received this year, hubby went to take a photo and E decided to be in on the action. She was so excitable all day long.

Leappad 3

E was very lucky little girl as she received a leap pad 3 for Christmas, she has had a little play with it and I am sure she will really get into it after the Christmas excitement.

We all received some amazing presents this Christmas all which we are grateful for. E has been given a lot of jigsaw puzzles so now comes the fun of watching her play and also playing with her.

Later in the day we had a wonderful roast turkey dinner and much to my surprise E actually ate quite a lot. The rest of the day just whizzed by with a mixture of eating, drinking and playing. By the time it got to E’s bedtime I was also shattered.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too.



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  1. December 30, 2014 / 7:56 pm

    Aww! What lovely photos! It looks like you had the best time!
    Happy New Year and all the best for 2015 x

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