Peppa Pigs Big Splash!

Earlier in the year my mum told me that Peppa Pigs Big Splash was coming to the Hall for Cornwall, Truro. We decided to book tickets. I knew that Emily would enjoy it but I was also a little worried that she would have a short attention span. I had visions of her wanting to run around a packed theatre. The day before the show we told Emily that we were going to see Peppa Pigs Big splash. She seemed excited but I think that’s because she thought we were going back to Peppa Pig World.

On the morning of the show we set off with plenty of time thinking that we could get in there with time to spare. That plan didn’t quite work out as we spent a long time trying to find parking.

This was Emily’s first time to the theatre, her eyes were as wide as saucers when we walked in.
There was a lot of merchandise on sale which attracted all the children, in the end Emily ended up with some light flashing thing that every child seemed to have! This itself was very exciting for her.

We located our seats, they were a lot closer to the stage than I remembered when booking them.
The curtain went up and there stood Daisy, who was part of the show. Soon after some of the other characters appeared. Emily’s was captivated.
I really don’t know what I was worried about. The only time she got out of her seat was when the children were encouraged to jump up and down.
When the curtain went down for half time she kept asking where they had gone and can she go with them.

The second half started and was received with lots more excitement. Emily was most amused towards the end of the show. When it came to jumping up and down in muddy puddles, every time the cast jumped in the puddles  water squirted out over us.
When the show was finally over and the curtain went down Emily didn’t want to leave. She thought they had just gone for another break and wanted them to come back.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect with it being puppets and the puppeteer’s being visible but it all worked really well. The story of the show was great as it managed to combine a few different episodes, it even included getting everyone to sing the ‘Bing Bong’ song! As a whole it was very enjoyable for the children and I enjoyed it too.

The first trip to the theatre was a success and I would defiantly take her again. Ever since we have been Emily keeps doing pretend shows with her Peppa Pig and George stuffed toys. Its obvious that she had a great time and absolutely loved the show.


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