Photo Friday – Our Trip To Derby

The second week of the school holidays and the first week of M’s summer leave we set of for the week to go and visit family in Derby. We have been so busy since we got back that I have only really just had chance to sort through some photos. We had a nice few days away, unfortunately the weather was mostly wet and miserable.

The main reason we went to visit was to meet our lovely new nephew Joey, we hadn’t had chance to until then due to M working away for several weeks. He really is such a cutie, like most newborn babies he did a lot of sleeping and feeding. E was fascinated by him and it made it talk about her being a big sister soon even more so.

JoeyE was excited about meeting her new cousin Joey but was even more excited about seeing her other cousin Charlie who is the same age as her. They tend to play nicely together and they did most of the time on this trip to, I think the combination of two four year olds stuck inside on a wet day was bound to lead to some squabbles over silly little things. However they both loved seeing each other and playing with each other.

Here they are having lunch outside together on the one sunny day – I am not quite sure what the expression E is pulling is all about, she either isn’t impressed with Daddy’s sandwiches or is trying to avoid having her photo taken.

Emily and Charlie having lunchM also took them to the park a couple of times, in between the bad weather just to get them out in the fresh air and to burn some energy off. They both enjoyed themselves each time they went.

Emily and Charlie at the parkI do love these photo’s, two cousins having fun.

Emily and charlie at the park

On one of the rainy days we chose to take the little ones to the cinema to see the Minion Movie, I was quite looking forward to seeing it too. It amazes me how expensive a trip to the cinema can cost, but the little one’s enjoyed themselves and loved having some sweetie’s to munch whilst watching the film.

Waiting at the cinemaJoey was completely oblivious to it all, slept most of the time, had a feed then slept some more. Such a chilled out little baby.

Joey at the cinema

E said she enjoyed the film and thought it was funny but I do think there was moments when she wasn’t quite sure what was going on, seeing as none of the minions speak English.

E at the cinemaWe had another afternoon out at a soft play area which was manic but the kids enjoyed themselves, apart from that they were happy playing at home together and I was quite happy to actually have a bit of a rest – well as much as a rest you can get with two crazy four year olds running around.

The few days went very quickly but we still seemed to cram a lot into a short period of time. E love’s visiting Derby and getting to see everyone as we don’t see them all very often due to the distance. There was just a bit more time for playing and of course more cuddle’s with Joey.

Cuddles with joeyThe next time I get to hold a newborn baby will highly likely be our own and by the time we see Joey again I am sure he will have changed so much, just like babies do.

E with her hair in plaits

Then we had to be on our way as we had arranged to head off to Cambridge to go and see my brother and his family for a few days in Cambridge –  which will no doubt be next weeks photo Friday!




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  1. Rachael Lines
    August 22, 2015 / 10:20 am

    Aww looks like you had a wonderful time ^^

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