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We are in the situation that we don’t live anywhere near family, so we don’t really have a support network. Most of the time this isn’t an issue. However sometimes it would be nice to have someone we could get to babysit so we could have a date night.

My hubby and I have only been out once, child free, in six years. I personally think this is pretty rubbish. Unfortunately we don’t have anyone to babysit, so we can have the occasional night out. J has been a terrible sleeper until the last four months so leaving him with anyone but family wouldn’t work.

Our only option is a stay at home date night, which  is ok. The only problem we have is making time for it.  I spend my evenings working and M spends his evening with his feet up on his phone. When we have had a date night he still glances at his phone – it is infuriating.

We have had a couple of lovely planned evenings. Once the children are in bed we have ordered take away and then watched a film – the phones still get looked at if the phone isn’t capturing our attention. One date night, we did have a Marks & Spencer’s meal deal followed by an evening of playing Trivia pursuit, we both enjoyed this. There were lots of laughs and drinks involved.

When it comes to stay at home dates, I think we need to use our imagination and be committed to it. This no doubt applies to a  lot of people.

I decided to ask a few other people on what they like to do for date nights once the children are in bed.

Donna from Bobsy’s Mum said” If we can’t get out, we cook a meal together, with pudding and have a bottle of wine. Then we play a board game. Phones banned all night” This sounds like the sort of night I enjoy, especially the phones being banned all night.

Date nights with board games seems to be popular. Lesley from Messy Blog UK said how they order a takeaway, get some drinks in, put the kids in bed and play scrabble.

Jess from Mrs Hible said “We’re both into Pokemon cards so we have a game. Or movie, nice food and just chill out, getting a meal deal like the m and s one 3 courses is just like a restaurant but you don’t need a babysitter”. Sounds like a lovely evening. I am however no sure what Pokémon cards are..

The general contentious Is having a nice meal and play a game or watch a film. Elizabeth from The Home Makers Journal suggested “Get ice cream – Ice cream is sweet and so, is love. And why does it always have to be dinner? Dessert is great”. This sounds like such a great idea. I do love desert. Some special ice cream or even trifle. Yum!

There are plenty of other options for stay at home date nights. It really depends, as a couple what sort of things you enjoy. Whether it is a pampering evening, getting messy and enjoying a chocolate fondu, playing video games or something as simple as cooking a meal.

I think one thing that is important about date nights is being committed. Plan a night in advance, so you both know that is a night to do something. No phones allowed.

I am defiantly going to suggest to M that we plan something ahead. I think it would be nice if we took it in turns to plan something. Whether it is deciding what to cook or take away, what film or even what game to play.

What sort of things do you like to do on a date night?

Date Night


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  1. Karen
    October 4, 2017 / 7:13 pm

    Lay the table, use candles and cook an easy meal. Open a bottle of wine put on some music and talk. Stay at the table as long as you can then clear up together then sit together with feet up, watch a movie have some popcorn and definitely no phones.

  2. October 4, 2017 / 8:56 pm

    Movie night, all the way. Snuggles and a film, can’t beat it x

  3. October 4, 2017 / 9:05 pm

    Our evenings sound the same as yours. We too don’t have any family close by, we definitely need to make more time for each other.

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