Toilet Training Update!

You may have read my post from a couple of days ago , My Struggles With Toilet Training  all about toilet training saga we were experiencing. Well what a difference a day makes. The day after writing that post E used the toilet. After lots of wet pants I opted for bare bum time. She obviously needed the toilet and she said she needed to go upstairs, off we went and she then sat herself on the toilet and did a wee!

Toilet Training
Once that happened E was highly excited. She received a lot of praise and a chocolate mini egg as a reward. From that point on E has been drinking lots because she tells me she wants to wee on the toilet.

E was back at preschool the next day, due to being pre occupied she didn’t make it to the toilet in time. Aside from that one little accident E is doing really well. Incentives seem to work well with getting E toilet trained, we have told her if she manages to stay dry for a couple of days then she will get a little bracelet as a reward.

Toilet training has been a little stressful, possibly because it was unchartered territory. I didn’t think we would ever get where we are today. One thing is for sure if I ever have another child I wont attempt toilet training until they are ready. Less stress is defiantly better for both the adult and the child.

We still have a long way to go with toilet training. However its great that we have reached the point we have. E now thinks its great that she now uses the toilet to have a wee. Because of her enthusiasm of drinking more so she can go to the toilet has meant that I am and up and down the stairs. I am starting to feel like a yoyo!

If you have any toilet training tips I would love to hear them.





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