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It’s that time of year again, valentines day is looming towards us. It is one of those occasion’s that you either love or you hate, I am somewhere inbetween that. I don’t spend out on lavish expensive gifts and neither does my husband but we do send cards and give a small gift but in my eyes you should show your other half that you love them all year round.

I think there is nothing better than a personalised gift to say ‘I love you’ on valentines day and Snapfish have so many different gifts to choose from you are bound to find something you love to gift your loved one.

Here are the items I chose to review from snapfish.

snapfish valentines

As we always tend to exchange cards on valentine’s day I decided this year to make a personalised one, I love the fact that personalised gifts are unique. I had a look through all my photos on my computer and selected a few that I liked. I chose this card template so that I could use a few different photos. I have chosen photos that have been taken over the years, from when we first met until the current day. I know this card will make M smile as if is full of memories. There are so many different card templates to choose from so if you’re looking for a special card for someone then look no further than Snapfish.

snapfish valentinesThis is the finished card, I am really pleased with the quality of the card, its beats any card that you can buy on the high street as it unique. I am really impressed with the personalised cards Snapfish has to offer.

Snapfish slim canvas

I then decided to make a slim canvas, I looked at various photos of us to put on a canvas but then I decided to use a picture of E and J because I know how much M loves them and is so proud of them both. The slim canvas is slimmer than the normal canvas you can buy and looks great on the wall. The photo is a little bit grainy but that isn’t any fault of Snapfish, it is a photo from my phone. Despite the canvas having a grainy look I love it and it will look great with the other Slim canvas I purchased from Snapfish last year. You can purchase the canvas in various sizes and this one is a 10×8.

The final item I chose to review is a 10×8 photo collage.

Snapfish photo collageAs M works away I decided to get a photo collage made with photos of E and J and I plan to put it in a frame so he can have it in his room and will be the perfect gift for him. Snapfish offer photo collages in a variety of sizes and different background colours, you can choose to add a title as I have done, but you don’t have to if you rather not. The photo collages are not very expensive at all and would make a perfect valentines gift for your loved one.

I am extremely impressed with the items I have chosen to review, there was so many different things on the website that you can personalise and Snapfish have a section for Valentines day gift suggestions. So if you are looking for something a little more personal and unique I recommend heading over to Snapfish.


Disclosure – We were given a credit discount code by Snapfish to review these items.

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