Visiting Father Christmas at Wyevale Garden Centre Sidmouth

I love Christmas and the magic that comes with it, as I was growing up my parents made such an effort with the decorations and Christmas day was always amazing. The decorations are up in the Mum, That’s me household and it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

A couple of weekends ago we had our first visit to see Father Christmas at the Wyevale Garden Centre in Sidmouth ,we didn’t tell E we were going until we got there, she was so excited – this year the level of excitement has gone up a level.

As soon as we walked into the Garden centre the Grotto was straight ahead, we had to wait a little while due to the change over in Santa’s Elf. The area leading up to the grotto was a little bit festive looking but not as much as I would have thought it would be.

Wyevale Garden Centre Sidmouth

E enjoyed looking at the penguin and the little tree’s in pots that you could buy.

When it was time for us to go and see Father Christmas a very cheerful elf walked us towards a bench where you could have a photo taken. There was a box with Christmas theme props that we could use and she took a photo of us all together, unfortunately E’s antlers are blocking my face, it would have been a good photo if that wasn’t the case. Everyone had fun using the props, Joshua wasn’t even bothered by the santa’s hat we put on him.

Wyevale garden centre sidmouthAfter the family photo fun we were taken to the actual Grotto, it has to be said Father Christmas was amazing, very realistic, he might even be the real one!

Father Christmas was great with the Children asking them lots of different questions, E had plenty to say and J looked fascinated as it was his first time seeing Father Christmas.

Wyevale garden centreAfter having a little chat with Father Christmas the children were invited to choose a present from a selection of gifts on some shelves, I quite like this idea as the children could have something they liked and not some random present you can sometimes get given. E chose a dinosaur set, she just loves dinosaurs at the moment and for J we chose a lovely little tractor with some animals.

Once they had chosen there presents they went back to talking to Father Christmas and he was very chatty about the presents they has chosen.

Santa at Wyevale sidmouthI love this photo, J is oblivious to everything that is going on but he seemed pretty pleased to have a new toy.

The friendly elf then offered to take a family photo and then everyone said good bye to Father Christmas.  The exit of the grotto lead straight into the Garden Centre.

The trip to Santas Grotto at Wyevale Garden Centre in Sidmouth was great for the kids, as an adult I thought the walk up area to the Grotto could have been a lot more festive. The Grotto itself was really good despite being really cold as it was in an outside area. I love how the children get to choose their own present and I was impressed with Father Christmas.

One of the good things about visiting Father Christmas at the Wyevale garden centre in Sidmouth is that you don’t have to book and as it Is also run by the Sidmouth rotary as well as Wyevale the entrance price is a recommended donation of £2 according the Wyevale website. This is an absolute bargain compared to other Grottos.

After having a little look around at some of the Christmas decorations and we headed to the café for a hot chocolate to warm us all up, it was a very chilly day!

Christmas Tree

If you are looking to take your little ones to see Father Christmas I can recommend the Wyevale Garden Centre in Sidmouth, Father Christmas really bought the magic of Christmas alive for E and that in my eyes is what Christmas is all about. But make sure you wrap up warm.

Disclaimer – We were invited to see Father Christmas in return for this review. All word and opinions are my own.


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  1. December 16, 2016 / 9:16 pm

    What a lovely post, it looks like you all had great fun. The photos are super cute.
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