My Best Friend Igglepiggle Review

Igglepiggle collage

We have recently been sent the very cute and adorable My Best Friend Igglepiggle to review. As soon as I took it out of the box I just knew that J would love it as its cuddly and makes a noise! Igglepiggle is a character from in the Night Garden, we haven’t actually watched the…
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Painting with an eleven month old

When I mention painting with an eleven month old the reactions vary from you must be crazy or an eleven month old cannot do painting. Ok, I will admit it does seem like a totally crazy thing to consider doing and it could all go very wrong!

Well its a good job everyone in Mum, that’s me household are slightly crazy, in a good way of course. J and I were having an afternoon playing and doing the same old stuff we seem to do when I decided I was going to try painting with him, it was one of those spur of the moment decisions, thinking how wrong it could go but also how much fun it could be.

I found some paper, paint brushes and chose some yellow paint and called J into the kitchen, he instantly tried pulling everything of the table – at this point I am questioning my sanity, painting with a destructive eleven month old could be interesting.

The first thing I did was paint J’s hands, well he found this so funny! J has this really infectious laugh to the point it is hard not to laugh with him. He obviously likes the slimy feeling of the paint as kept squashing It in his hands, I finally managed to get him to put his hand on the paper to make a hand print. I was surprised how well it turned out, I honestly expected him to just smear his hands across the paper.

Joshua Painting

Next I was brave enough to give the paint brush to J to see what he did, I mean the worst thing he could do was paint all over himself!

img_1671aAfter holding the brush in many different positions, squishing the paint on the brush I managed to get him to splodge some paint on paper.

Joshuas first paintingok, I know it’s no Picasso but I feel even these spodges is a great achievement. The painting session came to an end not long after that J took an interest in the other end of the brush…

Joshua PaintingDespite it not being a long painting session we both had fun and J’s laughing made it even more entertaining. Now that I know he was interested and enjoyed painting, next week I am going to make some homemade edible paint – that way it can’t go too wrong, can it?

J’s artwork has made it onto the kitchen wall full of creations and E thinks it is brilliant that J did painting whilst she was at school today.

Painting with an eleven month oldI will be sure to blog about all the fun we have painting next week with homemade paint.



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Motherhood: 10 Reasons To Love It

1. Little Faces

You make a little person and then you just stare at them. Endlessly. Stare at that little face that is so familiar and also, the face of someone you are just meeting. You marvel at genetics and how they have manifested themselves in this little person. The more kids you have, the more you marvel. And stare. And ultimately, ignore the vacuuming because of.

2. Little Arms

Thrown around my neck, encircling my waist, I can not get enough of the sensation of my children’s arms around me.

3. Little Bums

Is there anything better than a baby’s bare bum? Read by the wrong eyes, these words are corruptible but I trust that other mothers know what I mean when I say that cuddling your tiny babe is never better than when they’re nude. Holding that little body close, the smell of that glorious skin, cradling that chubby little butt. What’s not to love?

4. Other Mothers

Oh, the bonds I have formed (and reformed) with other mums. Finding my way back to old friends through the shared experience of motherhood, instantly connecting with women I would otherwise have little in common. The sisterhood is alive and well.

5. Caramel Slice

The delicious biscuity base, the velvet caramel, the decadent layer of chocolate on top…..wait, what is this list about again?

6. Drawn Out Bedtimes

When they want just one more story or to talk after the story, extra cuddles or what ever it is that draws the bedtime out, I love it all – except if I am going out!

7. Children’s Films

Okay, back to love. How many awesome kids movies  are there? And how awesome is it when your kid makes that pitiful face and pleads with you to snuggle on the couch watching some film. just one more time?

8. Photography

Even the mild photo enthusiast will become a raging addict once they have a baby. Pictures of children are like crack to parents which is why the ludicrous practise of stuffing your baby into a flowerpot and having their photo taken in the middle of a shopping centres is still a gangbusters business. And the only thing more gratifying than nailing the self-taken shot of yourself (totally duck lips free) is nailing the perfect shot of your kid(s). “Look!” you implore all and sundry, “Would you just look at those faces! I made those faces!”

9. Watching Them Play

Watching and listening to them play, their imagination alive. It’s all so precious except for any whining that occurs. I love the imagination children have and how they get so excited over such little things. Childhood is precious as is all the memories they make whilst playing.

10. To-Do List Tick

There are many, many dreams a girl might harbour during the course of her life. Some we get to fulfill, some we don’t. For me, crossing ‘Have kids‘ off the list has been incredibly satisfying. And a blessing as I understand that it is no easy feat for many women. Fortunately, my path to motherhood has been comparatively smooth and after spending my twenties pursuing a performance career and travelling. It was so nice to finally have a family. I needed it. And if I had to go back and choose between ‘Be big time film actress‘ or ‘Have kids,’ there is no contest. Every other dream I have wished for would mean zero if I didn’t have my kiddos. Little buggers that they are..

Joshua and Emily at crealy soft play



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BigJigs Fire & Rescue train set review

Playing with the BigJigs fire & Rescue train set

We were very excited when the Bigjigs Fire & Rescue train set turned up for us to review. E couldn’t wait to get it out of the box to play with it. The train set includes enough track to make a decent sized figure of eight with a ramp going up and down through the…
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Interviewing Emily: 20 Questions With My Five Year Old

Interviwing a five year old

Several years ago when E was three I wrote a post – An Interview With My Thee Year Old, it seems like it was only a few months ago, where does the time go. I came across the post I wrote before and I thought I would ask E the same questions now she is…
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The Lost Smile book review & giveaway!

What makes Children Smile?

Research has revealed it’s still the simple pleasures in life that make our children smile. Pulling silly faces (44%), reading stories (28%) and playing hide and seek (27%) remain the best and simplest ways of putting a smile on a child’s face, said the survey of 1,000 parents and children.

According to Wrigley Extra, children smile up to 400 times a day!  Wow, that is a lot – even though that is surprising to hear, when you think about it does seem right. E and J are always smiling and it is the simple things that make them smile the most.

The research commissioned by Wrigley’s Extra®, spoke to children and their parents about what makes them smile to mark the launch of its own storybook, The Lost Smile.
Wrigleys Smile Back Campaign
E absolutely loves stories, she likes a good bedtime story and she also enjoys reading some books herself.  So when we were offered the chance to receive a new book, The Lost Smile, as part of the new Wrigley’s Extra Smile Back Project, I was interested to know more about the project and see what the book was all about.
‘The Lost Smile Is a beautiful children’s book about a little boy named ‘Kyle’ who goes on the hunt for his families missing smiles. Kyle uses tools to help him find his families smiles, such as a magnifying glass and a toothbrush!
It’s a nicely illustrated book which gave E and I plenty to talk about, the illustrations added to the enjoyment of the book.
 IllustationsThe story is easy to read and E manages to read some of the words herself but she really enjoys the story being read to her before bedtime and it really does make her smile.
A Bedtime story makes children smile
The lost Smile is available for purchase at £4.99 and funds raise will go towards supporting the work of Action for Children and the Oral Health Foundation. You can find out more about the Smile Back Project and the book on the Wrigley Smile Back website.
I have two copies of the book The Lost Smile to give away to my readers, to enter complete the Gleam App Below.
UK Only, Closing date 23rd June 2016.

The Lost Smile

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Summer Style with JD Williams

With Summer here, well sort of, I find myself digging into my wardrobe for more floaty and feminine items and summery shoes.

I absolutely love shoes and I have boxes of them in the bottom of my wardrobe and lots of loose pairs too, you can never have too many shoes. The problem I have with many of my shoes that I currently own is that they are not very practical, the lovely yellow heels I bought on a whim don’t really go with many clothes, the stunning black heels are not practical for pushing a pram, even some of my wedges I cannot wear when pushing the pram.

When JD Williams gave me the opportunity to review a pair of shoes from their Summer Sandals range I was delighted. It took me a long time to choose a pair as there is so much choice and I wanted something that was practical, comfortable and stylish – I eventually found a pair.

The pair I chose are the Lotus Leather Strappy Espadrilles

JD Williams Sandals

I chose these lovely sandals as they ae stylish and being black they would go with a lot of items in my wardrobe and even better is that they are practical to wear for pushing a pram.

Summer Style

I love how the shoes goes so well with my nice long summer skirt, this was the first time I wore the shoes out and they are so comfortable, I instantly fell in love with them. Not only are the shoes comfortable but when walking around in them they feel so light and fit so well. It is like the shoes were made for my feet.

JD William Sandals

The Lotus Strappy Espadrilles are such a versatile sandal and I have found they can be worn with absolutely anything. Here I am wearing them ready to go into town shopping – a comfy shoe for shopping is a must!

Having worn the sandals almost everyday when the weather has been nice in the last few weeks, I am impressed with the sandal, the design is simple yet looks really nice. The straps of the shoes are soft so despite the heat they haven’t rubbed at all, I also think the straps are very well positioned and offer my foot a lot of support where needed.

JD Williams is a great website that has something for all ages and budgets, so if you are looking to add to your summer wardrobe or need something to wear or a new pair of shoes for a special occasion I recommend checking out their website.


Disclaimer – I received the sandals In exchange for an honest review, all words and opinions are my own






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GIVEAWAY: Win A £40 Kaya Jewellery Gift Voucher

I do love all things pretty including jewellery and I think it’s always lovely to give or receive jewellery on a special occasion.

Kaya Jewellery makes really beautiful Jewellery that is perfect to mark those special occasions such a the birth of a baby, a christening and birthdays. With such a wide selection of Jewellery on the website it is perfect for buying something even just to treat yourself.

Kaya Jewellery

What I really love about Kaya Jewellery is that you can also buy personalised Jewellery, as a mum myself a necklace with my family first names on would be such a wonderful present to receive.

They also sell a wonderful range of children’s Jewellery, which I’m sure any little girl would love to receive.

Kaya jewellery

When my daughter was a baby and we got her christened we struggled to find something to give her as a beautiful gift, if only I had known about Kaya jewellery back then. They sell a selection of beautiful bracelets that are perfect for a baby girls christening and they are far from expensive. The bracelet shown above is only £14.95. They also sell a beautiful range of sterling silver christening gifts.

I am in love with so many of the items on Kaya’s website and I’m sure many of my readers will like what they have to offer too.

The lovely people at Kaya Jewellery are giving one of my readers a £40 voucher to spend on what ever you like on their website.

To enter the competition all you need to do is enter via the Gleam App below

Uk only. Ends 24th July at midnight.

Good luck!
Win £40 Kaya Jewellery Voucher

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Summer Fun With Baker Ross

The other day I did a post about some of the Baker Ross Summer Crafts that we had been sent t review, this post is about the other lovely items we received in our parcel.

The rest of the items included some wonderful animal paint stamps, dog self adhesive stickers and some amazing rainbow paper.

Baker RossE went to find the box of different colour paints that we have an chose four different colours that she was going to use for the Farm Stampers.

Baker Ross animal stampsE started with the cockerel and I was really surprised how well it came out as when ever E uses paint stamps they normally smudge and she rubs them a bit when puts them down.

Baker Ross StampsE had a lot of fun using the Farm Stampers and whilst the painting was drying she wanted to use some of the dog stickers.

Baker Ross Dog StickersThe stickers are very cute and there are a selection of dogs and other bits and as they are self adhesive I could let E just get on with it.

Dog StickersThey are very cute. You can buy the Farm Stampers in a pack of ten for £3.49, the Dog Foam Stickers cost £2.99 for a pack of 120 and the wonderful Rainbow Paper is £3.75 for 50 sheets.

What I love about Baker Ross is the variety of items you can buy on their website, not all of their products are craft items. They also sell toys that are perfect for party bags or for when you have people round and you want to keep the littles ones entertained.

Were have been sent some wind up snails, magic slates and some bubbles.

Baker Ross Toys

E was excited about all these items and started playing with them straight away, we played snail racing using the pull back and go snails – there were lots of giggles whilst playing that! E then used the magic slate, drawing things then lifting the ‘slate’ piece up to erase her drawing and then she went outside to blow bubble’s.

Baker Ross Toys

All of the items are good quality and would entertain any child. The Pull Back Racing Snails cost £2.25 for a pack of four, the Touchable Bubble Wands cost £2.40 for eight and the Party Pets Magic Slates are £2.75 for a pack of eight.

We have had great fun trying out the latest box of crafts from Bakers Ross, so if you are looking for some great ways to entertain the children over the summer then I fully recommend all the items we have reviewed.

Disclaimer – We were sent the items to try out and review, all words and opinions are our own.

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