Fathers Day Crafts with Baker Ross

Fathers day keyring

Fathers day is on June the 19th this year which isn’t that far away.. I used to always be super organised until J came along, I think I must have left my brain in the hospital before I came home, so when it comes to special dates whether it be birthdays, wedding anniversaries and fathers day I…
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Silent Sunday 17/04/2016

Our Sunday Photo
Silent Sunday

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WIN! ~ £30 to Spend Online at Party Bags and Supplies

The other day I blogged about Birthday parties made easy with party bags and supplies and the little tea party E had. The party pack we were sent to review from Party Bags and Supplies included a plastic table cloth, plates, cups, napkins and fabulous pre filled party bags.

Party bagsI am so impressed with the party pack we received and E was delighted getting to use it all for her little tea party. In my previous post I talked about how amazing the pre filled party bags are – they really are!  Party Bags and Supplies have a brilliant website with a variety of party packs and other wonderful things that will make your party simply perfect.

We are now running a giveaway with Party Bags and Supplies to win £30 to spend on their online store. There are a lot of different party themes to choose from for all different ages. So if you’re looking for items to make your party simply perfect then you can win the items you need! All you need to do is follow the rafflecopter instructions to enter. Good luck!


Terms and conditions

Open to UK residents only, competition ends at midnight on the 30th April 2016.

The winner will be drawn using rafflecopter from all the correct entries after the closing date.

The brand (party bags and supplies) will be responsible for arranging delivery of your prize.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Photo Friday – A week of fun!

Its been a while since I wrote a Photo Friday post, I have just been so busy with J that time just seems to disappear. After all I have no idea where the last six months has gone.

I have taken loads of photos since J has been born but today I am just going to share some from this week.

The sun has been out which has been wonderful as I was able to take J outside on a play mat, normally when he has been outside I have been carrying him or had him on my knee as its hasn’t been overly warm.

Joshua outsideHe was giggling away so much, taking in all the different sites that he hasn’t seen. J has such an infectious laugh that he makes me giggle with him.

JoshuaHaving a look around on his tummy. He kept wanting to roll, next time the sun comes out I think I will have to take a bigger play mat out.

mummy and joshuaI absolutely love this photo, J was trying to get my phone as he was fascinated that he could see himself whilst taking the photo. Ever since then he is constantly trying to get to my phone.

Emily in the garden

When E came home from school she was really keen to get out into the garden to play as it was so sunny, she was having fun running around and chatting to my neighbours grandson over the fence.

Emily with Billy Bear

When E came home from school she had the class bear, Billy Bear for being star learner. She excitedly took Billy into the garden to show him around and to introduce him to our neighbour. She loved having Billy to stay for a couple of nights.

Joshua, emily and billyEven Joshua was excited at having cuddle’s with Billy and he got quite attached to him – bless.

As J is now six months we are weaning him, well we started at five and a half months but only with puree fruit and some toast. Now that he is six months the baby led weaning has commenced and he is taking it all his stride.

Baby led weaning joshuaJ loves mash potato as its easy to eat, seeing him pick up a big dollop of mash and push it into his mouth with the help of his fingers is a funny sight. He gets nice and messy and enjoys himself.

Baby led weaning yoghurtThis week I introduced J to Greek Yoghurt, needless to say he loves it, I think it must feel nice on his gums too as he is teething. He has lots of fun feeding himself yoghurt – obviously I have to preload the spoon at this point and then he manages to get some in his mouth and lots more on his face.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the photos from this week and getting a little glimpse at what we have been up to in the Mum, that’s me household.

Have a lovely Friday!


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Birthday Parties made easy with Party Bags & Supplies Review

Birthday party season is upon us  – well it seems constantly be party season with all the party’s E gets invited to since she started school.

E’s birthday is at the end of May and she is going to be five, now that she has lots of wonderful new friends she would like a party, which is fine. However I am not one of these organised mum’s, my house is an organised chaos, I am far from the hostess with the mostest so the prospect of organising a birthday party isn’t one I relish.

E has been to some great birthday parties since she started school, we have been to several village halls I never even knew existed, there has been bouncy castles, discos, face painting, glitter tattoos, dressing up, wonderful food, cakes and party bags. As much as I would love to give E a party like that it just isn’t going to happen, J will only be seven months old which will add to the chaos a little and we have no family living near by to help and in all honesty the prospect of organising a party like that makes me shudder.

E will still be having a birthday party but on a smaller scale with a select few friends, I can just about handle that. However there is still the food, table wear and party bags to think about and organise.

Recently Party Bags & Supplies got in touch with me asking me to look at their website and to review a bumper party pack. I showed E the selection we could choose from and she opted for a Doc McStuffin party pack.

Party bags

The bumper party pack includes eight party plates, eight cups, a pack of serviette’s, a table cloth and eight filled party bags. I was impressed, I didn’t even know you could buy pre filled party bags – what a genius idea and the solution to making organising a party a little bit easier and less stressful.

I waited until E was at school to have a good look at all the items, especially the party bags, not only am I impressed you can buy pre filled party bags but I am impressed at the contents, as we know children love party bags, the excitement of what is hiding inside.

Party bag fillers

When I opened a party bag I felt like a little girl all over again marvelling at the contents. What I absolutely love about these party bags is that the contents are relevant to the table wear and party theme. Included in each party bag is a cute little notepad, a pack of crayons, a ruler a pack of Doc McStuffins stickers that look like plasters, a yummy flump and a little leaflet advertising the company. Now as far as party bags go this definitely gets the thumbs up from me.

As E’s birthday isn’t until the end of May I thought I would surprise E with a little tea party so we could use the items for the purpose of the review. When she came home to see the table laid out she was so excited, I even bought her Doc McStuffins doll downstairs and put it on the table.

Doc McStuffins party

You can see most of the table cloth in the above photo, it’s a lovely pink colour and has lots of plasters on it, it feels like a good quality table cover and will wipe clean as I later discovered. What I do like I about the table wear is the good quality of the cups as so many I have seen are more flimsy and break easily in an excited five year olds hands. The table wear as a whole looks really lovely and would be great for a party.

When E came home from school she bought home the class bear for being star learner – think in E’s case it could well be a reward for not talking for five minuets! So when she saw all the party stuff I told her it was a party for Billy Bear – now she was very excited.

Tea party

E really enjoyed her tea party and when I gave her a party bag afterwards she was really happy, she has already been drawing in her notebook and she thinks the ruler is great for drawing straight lines and as for the flump, well that didn’t last long.

I am genuinely impressed with the party pack we got sent to review, there are so many party packs to choose from, some with party bags and others just table wear, so if you are a disorganised mummy like me or someone who wants to make a party look great and a little less to organise then I recommend popping over to the website and take a look for yourself.


Disclosure – The party pack was sent to us to review, all words and opinions are our own.

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Checking the Bath temperature with Duckymeter by Ozeri – Review

Ozeri duckymeter

As a parent I find I am constantly busy and always having to think or consider many things. When J came along I had completely forgotten or not even thought about so many things. Once of which is testing the bath temperature. Now that E is 4 I just tend to swish my hand around…
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Working Mums and Stay-At-Home Mums Have The Exact Same Day

stay at home vs workA

The other day while talking with a friend who works full time and is a fantastic parent  about the ridiculousness of the so-called “Mummy Wars”, I realized that regardless of whether a mum is working out of the home or in the home, they are both essentially spending their day doing the same things. Below…
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Easter Crafts With Baker Ross

We love crafting in this house and as usual E gets excited when a box of crafts turns up from Baker Ross, the latest box was full of fantastic Easter Crafts.

We have had a lot of fun with these crafts and it has added to the excitement of Easter. The first craft we started with is Egg Mosaic Bauble Kits.

easter craftsE was excited to make one of the baubles as they look so good on the photo. I wasn’t quite sure how E’s was going to turn out.

The craft itself is very simple, you take a polystyrene egg shape and then use a two colour combination out of the self adhesive square stickers included in the pack. E wanted to make a pink and green one as shown on the front of the packaging.

Baker Ross Easter CraftsAs you can see in the photos that E was concentrating – this alone impresses me! The craft took quite a while to do and she was very precise about putting the squares on, on a few occasions she moved them so they were level with the others. As always crafts involve using self adhesive stickers I love, one because it’s essentially mess free and secondly E feels very independent as she doesn’t need to ask me for help.

Easter CraftsOnce E had stuck all the squares onto the egg all that was left to do was attach the bow and ribbon to hang it up by. The Bows are ready made so there is no fiddly making bows that need doing, The craft comes with a couple of little plastic pins and all you have to do is pin it through the bow and the same with the hanging ribbon. As you can see once it is complete is looks really lovely.

Easter craftsE loves her egg mosaic bauble and because she did it herself she is very proud of it and loves showing it to everyone.

These fab Mosaic Egg Bauble Kits cost just £3.49 for a kit with enough contents for four eggs. This is an easy craft that looks great when it is finished

Next we moved onto the Bunny colour in masks.

Easter CraftsThese masks look so cool, there are three different masks to choose from in a pack of six. E decided she wanted to colour in the more girly looking bunny mask. As there was quite a lot to colour and E’s attention span with colouring is short lived she completed the mask on and off during the day.

Easter CraftsE wanted to colour the bunny in the same colours a shown on the front of the packaging. Once the mask has been coloured in the pack includes some elastic to thread through so you can wear it, there are two holes at either side where you thread the elastic through and as it has a special end piece it doesn’t come undone.

Baker Ross Colour in bunny maskThe completed mask looks great, i am impressed with how neat E’s colouring is. E loves her mask and has even taken it into school to show everyone in her class. The Easter Bunny Colour in Masks cost £2.75 for a pack of six. This really is a lovely craft that E has enjoyed doing, apparently she is now going to colour one for her daddy to wear!

The next craft we went onto do is the Blossom Tree kits.

Spring craft

This is another wonderfully simple craft that look lovely when it has been done. This is a fab self adhesive sticker craft – you can imagine my excitement when we opened the pack to discover that. It was time to put the kettle on and get the Jaffa cakes out and sit with E whilst she happily made the blossom tree with only a little guidance.

Baker Ross Easter CraftsThere is a ready made tree shape and then two lots of stickers for the blossoms, which include small and larger pieces of blossoms and then some lovely little sparkly stickers to put on top of the blossoms. Once the tree is complete you just put it into the base that has also been made by sticking two pieces together, you then have a lovely looking tree.

spring craftsThis lovely Spring Blossom Tree Craft is easy to do and costs £3.45 for a pack of three. E has put hers on our mantel piece so that everyone can see her lovely creation.

The final crafts we had to make is the Bunny wooden photo decorations.

Baker Ross Easter crafts

E was looking forward to making these as she wanted to get the paint out to paint her bunny. Because she was using paint the craft took place over a couple of days due to waiting for the paint to dry.

easter craftsFirstly E painted the bunny a lovely hot pink colour, I tried to explain to her about painting the colour of the ears first but E didn’t want to. Once the paint had dried she then painted part of each ear yellow, the colour isn’t as bright as it would have been as E had to paint it over the pink. Once the bunny had dried I told her that she could decorate it if she wanted. E went straight towards some sparkly gems and stuck them around the edge.

Once E had painted and decorated the heart she chose a photo to put inside the decoration. My husband isn’t mentioned much on this blog but his photo does seem to always appear in any photo related crafts that E makes. The end product as you can see looks really good.

Bunny wooden photo decorationsThese lovely Bunny Wooden Photo Frames costs only £2.95 for a pack of eight.

E has enjoyed making all the Easter crafts, I can totally recommend the above crafts if you are looking for some Easter themed crafts. Baker Ross also sells a wide selection of other Easter crafts that also look great.

Baker Ross Funny Face Egg ToysNot only do Baker Ross have a variety of fab toys that are great for stocking fillers or party bags. We have been sent a pack of Funny Face Egg Jump-ups, all you have to do with these cute eggs is push them down and watch them jump up, E thinks these are brilliant and likes to have a competition to see who’s egg can jump the highest! These would make good party bag toys or something different to entertain some children over Easter. A pack of four costs £1.75.


Disclosure – We were sent the above crafts to try out and review.




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Five months old – Observations of my beautiful baby

I cant believe it J is five months old today (21 weeks), where has the time gone apart from being a blur of disturbed sleep.. These are a few of my observations of our lovely little boy.

  1. He is so aware of the world around him!   He knows his name and his home. He knows his routine and toys. He is brilliant!
  2. He rolled of the changing mat yesterday – it was on the floor. .
  3. He has really bad baby eczema which makes me very sad.
  4. He poops every other day. – apart from when teething!
  5. He only eats solids once a day, for tea. I am going to try to keep it like that until he is 6 months old as we want to do baby led weaning like we did with E.
  6. His coos have gone to goo-gaaas and oh-yeahs. I’m guessing words up from the partial sounds he puts together, he has a cry that really sounds like he is yelling mum.
  7. Still trying to sit up, he is strong monkey and pushes himself up on his hands in an attempt to sit.
  8. He wriggles around, I put him on the floor under his play gym, leave the room and he has wriggled that much he is in a different place.
  9. He is still  breastfed and is now and efficient feeder. It makes nursing convenient and cheap. All of the pain and mastitis in the first three months trying to master the art breastfeeding was so worth it.
  10. HE is a VERY smiley baby.
  11. If he is up more than 2 ½ hours then he gets cranky. Still my little baby needing plenty of naps.
  12. He wont nap in his cot – anywhere else but there.
  13. He sleeps normally for 4-5 hour stretches at night.
  14. Gas still plagues him, very sad.
  15. He is teething away and refuses to use any of the proper teething toys I have bought for him. He shoves everything in his mouth except those. He especially loves his fingers.
  16. He isn’t a fan of his bumbo, gets fed up of it quickly,  but it is great for getting his wind up.
  17. He has outgrown his Moses basket, I have kept him there as long as possible as it makes night feeds easy.
  18. He is just a big chunk of squishy cuddly baby with super long legs..
  19. He is the most wonderful, easygoing, happy baby (except when teething and tired) Our family is truly blessed.

Joshua five months old

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Mothers Day Crafts with Baker Ross

Mothers Day is on the 6th March this year, so with the date looming towards us quickly it is the perfect time to make some lovely mothers day crafts. As a mummy the things I have loved the most has been what E has made me for mother’s day, now that she is getting older she enjoys making cards and other crafty things for other people. Its even cuter when she writes in them.

Baker Ross have an amazing selection of mothers day crafts, there really is something that will appeal to everyone. Bakers Ross have kindly sent us some mothers day craft sets to make.

The first craft is mum concertina colour in cards

Baker Ross mothers day

This is a nice simple craft that little children will love doing. E enjoyed colouring in hers, I have mentioned before E has a short attention span when it comes to colouring in large pictures but she enjoyed colouring in this card.

Bakers Ross Mothers Day cardsEmily was very precise with the little details on the dresses but didn’t want to colour in the whole dress, I was quite amused with the faces she drew on the cards, as you can see with the finished product that one of the is wearing sunglasses, well I assume that’s what they were supposed to be!

Baker Ross mothers day cardsI love the end product and E is really pleased with it. This is a great little craft that will keep children busy for a little while. The Mothers Day Make-A–Face cards come in packs of six and only cost £1.80.

The next craft that Baker Ross Sent us is Tissue Paper Flower Kits. These were a little tricky for E to do on her own, but with a little help she did really well.

tissue paper flowers

The kits include various colours of tissue paper and pipe cleaners. To make these lovey paper blooms you have to wrap a pipe cleaner around the tissue paper and then start t fan it out.

tissue paper flowersYou continue to do this using two different colours and then you end up with a lovely flower like this..

Tissue paper flowersE absolutely loves these flowers and has taken one into school to show her teacher.  The Tissue Paper Flower Kits come in packs of six for £3.49. You could make a lovely bloom of flowers using these kits and they will never die – sounds like the perfect sort of flower to me.

E with paper flowerThe craft is easy enough to do but still a bit tricky for a four year old but I am sure older children would find this a fun and simple craft.


Disclosure – We were sent these crafts from Bakers Ross to make, all words and opinions are our own.



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