Fudge feature

Slow Cooker Chocolate Fudge

Slow cooker chocolate fudge is fun and easy to make. In fact i was surprised how is easy it was. I have contemplated making fudge before but getting the temperature right using gas put me off. Using the slow cooker is so much simpler, even my seven year old was able to get involved. The […]

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Dream Home Interior

A Guide to Creating Your Dream Home On A Budget

Why It’s Important to Create a Room That Shows Off Your Personality The home is a place where everyone wants to relax and feel at ease. And with the help of some good decorating, it can be made even more comfortable. However, there are many people who don’t know how to decorate their homes in […]

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imperfect mum

3 Reasons why it is fine to be an imperfect mum

Hi, my name is Lynsey and I am a imperfect mum. My children are exceptional young people and they are extremely intelligent. I have taught them to be strong and aware of their feelings and to consider the environment and other people. People often make comment about what a good job I am doing. I […]

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Brain fog

Understanding Brain Fog And Epilepsy

Speaking candidly, alongside seizures, brain fog is one of the most difficult – and sometimes exhausting – parts of living with epilepsy. What does brain fog feel like? Brain fog is more than just the occasional forgetfulness. We all experience brain fog from time to time. After all, the human brain wasn’t designed to run […]

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christmas presents

Christmas Planning: Start Your Shopping Early

I am a huge fan of Christmas, i love to go all out. Make things magical for the whole family. One of the ways I plan for Christmas is to start shopping early. And I mean October early! As soon as Christmas is out in the shops, I’m onto it. I start by planning my […]

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