Mess free painting

Mess Free Painting

This is a great fun, mess free painting activity. Both E and J love to paint, however J has a short attention span. He also likes to paint himself, the wall, even other people. Whilst this is fun, sometimes its nice to have a mess free painting activity. The other day we did sandwich bag […]

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Painting with an eleven month old

When I mention painting with an eleven month old the reactions vary from you must be crazy or an eleven month old cannot do painting. Ok, I will admit it does seem like a totally crazy thing to consider doing and it could all go very wrong! Well its a good job everyone in Mum, that’s […]

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Summer Crafts with Bakers Ross

Summer – oh how I love this time of year. The flip flops and shorts are out of the wardrobe and have actually been worn quite a lot. But as we all know British Summertime has it fair share of wet days. This is typically at the weekend or when the children are off from […]

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Fathers day keyring

Fathers Day Crafts with Baker Ross

.Fathers day is on June the 19th this year which isn’t that far away. I used to always be super organised until J came along. I think I must have left my brain in the hospital before I came home. Hence when it comes to special dates whether it be birthdays, wedding anniversaries and fathers day I […]

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Mothers Day Crafts with Baker Ross

Mothers Day is on the 6th March this year, so with the date looming towards us quickly it is the perfect time to make some lovely mothers day crafts. As a mummy the things I have loved the most has been what E has made me for mother’s day, now that she is getting older […]

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