Valentines Crafts with Bakers Ross

Valentines Day is fast approaching and lots of people are looking at ways to celebrate this romantic day. E has no understanding or idea what Valentines day is about purely because we haven’t had that conversation. However when a parcel from Bakers Ross turned up with some valentines crafts in E was very excited. We […]

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Christmas Crafts With Baker Ross

Christmas is a wonderful exciting time of the year for E, she keeps asking to put up the Christmas tree up and talks about Father Christmas. The adverts on the television have led to the I wonder if Father Christmas will bring me this or that etc.. So when a parcel from Baker Ross turned […]

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Baker Ross Snowflake Wands

Snowflake Magic Wands from Bakers Ross

Its getting to that time of year where most people are thinking about Christmas, E is constantly mentioning the big day and asking when it is, most days she asks if it is tomorrow. So when our latest parcel from Bakers Ross turned up and was full of Christmas themed crafts, E was very excited […]

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Halloween Crafts With Bakers Ross

As part of the recent Bakers Ross parcel we received recently there was a couple of Halloween crafts. At first I thought Halloween eek that’s ages away. However  I now realise it isn’t really that far away at all. The shops are now filling up with all the costumes, decorations and all things related. E is really […]

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Baker Ross Crafts

Autumn Crafts With Baker Ross

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, full of lots of lovely different colours and tones all which are great for arts and crafts. The only downside to Autumn is my eyes is that it starts to get a little nippy – I like warmth and sunshine. We recently received a parcel from Baker Ross […]

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